June 2016
What a wonderful year with this kindergarten class! I have loved teaching all of you and learning from you as well! I hope each one of you have a fantastic summer! Enjoy and remember to read have tons of fun!


Making a structure for Scooter, our class pet, so he can't get out in the Makerspace classroom.

Makerspace pictures

 Important dates:
June 3-Field trip to Casey Farm
June 7-Melrose Field Day 8:30am
(raindate-June 8)
June 16-Penny Carnival-1pm (raindate-June 17)
June 17-Summer bdays: Ben & Janeyla!
June 20-Trivia game for Melrose school
June 21-Kindergarten Graduation & Celebration! 9:15am, picnic to follow
        Happy Summer!