February 2017
Gung Hey Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year! This month is a busy month for Kindergartners: 100th day of school, Valentine's Day, birthdays, some days off, and our annual Chinese Potluck dinner! We will read some great literature about China and learn how to count 1-10 in Chinese. We will sing a short song in Chinese, and make our very own lanterns and lion masks. We will do all this plus continue with writing workshop, literacy and math centers, science, play, and outdoor activities. What a great month!


 Important dates:
February 10--100th day of school!
February 14--Valentine's Day and Miss Debbie's bday!
February 17--No school, teacher professional day
February 20--No school, President's Day
February 20--Jadieliz's bday!
February 23--Cameron's bday!
February 23--Kindergarten Chinese Potluck Dinner 5pm
Happy Winter! 

My dog Morgan playing in the snow!