Happy Fall! This is a month of observing, collecting, predicting, and recording as the Fall season is upon us. We will "adopt" two different types of trees on the school grounds and watch them change throughout the year. We will also continue observing the weather as seasonal changes take place. 
It is also fire safety month and we will discuss and learn about safety both at school and at home. A trip to the fire station will allow children to see our local firefighters at work. Please talk with your family about your own safety precautions. This month we will meet our Fourth Grade Buddies...a favorite among both grade levels. We meet once a week to read, create, play games, and form special friendships! Fall in New England is a special time...enjoy all the many activities, fairs, hikes, hay rides, etc that is offered to families! 


 Important dates:
October 10-Columbus Day, No School!
October 31-Halloween!
Happy Fall!