The Fish Ecology Laboratory at Idaho State University is dedicated to studying the behavior, population dynamics, and conservation of fishes. We reside in the Department of Biological Sciences (http://www.isu.edu/bios/). Our lab studies fish populations through a variety of field and laboratory-based research projects to provide a better understanding of factors that influence their distribution and abundance. Idaho State University offers an ideal location for access to many research sites throughout the Intermountain West and western Canada.

Students from the laboratory have conducted a variety of studies, including: bioenergetic modeling of habitat quality for stream salmonids, phylogeography and genetic population structure of cutthroat trout, hybridization and competition between native and introduced salmonid fishes, home range size and foraging ecology of cutthroat trout, nutrient supplementation and habitat quality for stream salmonids, intraspecific morphological variation in salmonid fishes, and phylogeography of leatherside chub.