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Hello Parents and Students,

We hope you are enjoying this time of year as fall turns to winter. Below we have some important information regarding our classes for the next few weeks. As always see the homework page for our most current homework for each class. Have a great day!

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Language Arts: Quarter 1 in ELA asks students to examine defining moments. Students will examine the characteristics of defining moments and throughout the quarter they will analyze and evaluate the defining moments of others in works of fiction and nonfiction. By the end of the quarter, students will participate in a Socratic Seminar. Throughout the process of preparation for the seminar, students will continue to develop their skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in order to have success in the final assessment. If you have any specific questions regarding what is occurring in your child’s ELA course, please contact their teacher.

Science: Science students have been working toward an in-depth understanding of how and why objects move. It has been great to see them explore and develop ideas that are our scientific principles at work. We will finish our physics unit in early November and transitioning into 2nd quarter we will begin to look at our second unit of study - How Water Shapes Our World. Students will receive new books through science class as we make the transition to our new unit. We have scheduled guest speakers in January to help the students make real world connections to the ideas we will be exploring in class.

US History: Quarter 2 in History delves into the growth of the United States and analyzes the divisions leading towards the Civil War. Students will be looking at the divisions in the United States to understand why the Civil War occurred. Additionally, students will be asked to analyze connections between the past and the present to form conclusions about how to prevent a crisis like this from occurring again.


  • Pre-Algebra: Semester 2 math class will cover Functions, Linear Equations, Geometry, and Statistics. Some key vocabulary: relation, function, linear, non-linear, system of equations, substitution, graphing, slope, y-intercept, y=mx, y=mx+b, translation, reflection, rotation, dilation, etc. We practice in class on a daily basis by taking notes, working in a small group, constructing viable arguments, and doing a hands on activity (card sort, match-up, maze, etc.) . Friday homework quizzes will be given at the end of each week. Tests usually come every 4 weeks. Throughout the week, we use strategies such as making sense of problems, attending to precision, and looking for repeated reasoning. These are a few examples of the 8 mathematical practices.

  • Algebra: During semester 2, we will study: a system of equations and inequalities, graphing and transformations, quadratics and applications, factoring, and statistics and probability. Then take our final exam at the end of May. The final will cover the whole second semester. In class we practice, take notes, and work in small groups. Students are constantly discussing the lesson and collaboratively working to solve the problem. We refer to MathXL, Delta Math, and Edulastic for practice and take weekly Friday quizzes. If a student does not score well on a quiz, he/she should re-take it. Practice takes place at school and homework is given out occasionally.


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