Welcome to Brooks Elementary!!

Hello!!  Here at Brooks Elementary our RI/Interventionist Team consists of: Tracy Born, Carolyn Lenc, Katy Opelt, and Jennifer Stanik.  We enjoy working with students from Kindergarten-5th Grade.  Here are some parent friendly resources and websites for Reading/Literacy and Math for you to use with your child at home.

Working with your child at home is one of the best ways you can help your child learn and retain their skills.  Here is a great article titled:

    • Tracy Born  630-375-3207 tracy_born@ipsd.org
    • Carolyn Lenc 630-375-3215 carolyn_lenc@ipsd.org     
    • Katy Opelt    630-375-3212 katy_opelt@ipsd.org
    • Jennifer Stanik  630-375-3948 jennifer_stanik@ipsd.org
 How Can Parents Be Involved?
  • Provide a good role model — read yourself and read often to your child.
  • Provide varied reading and math material — some for reading and math enjoyment and some with information about hobbies and interests.Encourage activities that require reading and math — for example, cooking (reading a recipe), constructing a kite (reading directions), or identifying an interesting bird's nest or a shell collected at the beach (using a reference book).
  • Establish a homework time, even
  • Write notes to your school-age child; encourage written responses.
  • Ask your child to bring a library book home to read to a younger sibling.
  • Establish one evening a week for reading and math (instead of television viewing).
  • Encourage your child in all reading and math efforts.