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Geography is a synoptic discipline that synthesizes findings of other sciences through the concept of Raum (area or space).

Immanuel Kant, 1780

Geography is an integrated branch of knowledge and one of the most exciting subject to study. We live in a complex world constantly trying to understand the interplay between man and environment. This process entails deep thinking, broad knowledge base and sophisticated analysis. The discipline of Geography equips us to explore the intellectual and practical challenges of the eventful earth. Simply, Geography teaches us where things are and how they got there; broadly it looks at the spatial connection between people, places, and the Earth; using the traditional approach of fieldwork, mapping and spatial analysis, complemented by the latest statistical methods, computer cartography, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System.

Geography has been introduced as a discipline at the Honours level from the academic session, 2017-18. It is also offered as Generic Elective Course (GEC) to the students pursuing Honours in disciplines other than Geography. Recently University of Delhi has implemented “Undergraduate Curriculum Framework 2022” which is based on National Education Policy 2020. Accordingly, the department has adopted the NEP-oriented approach for its curriculum. 

The course orients the students towards identification and analysis of various facets of geographical features, processes and interactions. It develops students’ aptitude for acquiring basic skills of carrying out research as well as enhances employability. A Degree in Geography is an excellent foundation for whichever career you choose. This course creates an arena of opportunities for the academically inclined as well as for those students who explore options outside the subject after their degree courses in administration, law and planning. 

The Department has a computer (GIS) lab- equipped with computers, GIS softwares, aerial photographs, satellite imageries and wifi connectivity; and a Cartographic lab- equipped with all the equipments required for preparation of maps, including thematic maps, Atlas, topographical sheets, abney level, 3D models.

Field work for undertaking physical and socio-economic surveys is an important practice of the department. Seminars and workshops by experts from research institutes, planning/management authorities are organised from time to time to create research awareness amongst students. Department has very active Student’s Academic Society and Community Outreach Program- Project Dhyan.

Understanding complex nature of the subject, the Department equips students with the critical thinking and skills necessary to develop a deep understanding across diverse contemporary issues. Under Centenary Decade Under-Graduate Research Grant, nine students have undertaken independent research projects under the mentorship of faculty members. Department has maintained academic excellence, with every batch has secured university positions. Some of the student alumnae of the department are pursuing Doctoral research from prestigious institutes like University of Leeds, London School of Economics.

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                                                                                  Updated: 15 August 2023