Reputation & Crisis Management

The geography we address places a premium on Reputation Excellence in quality of product, customer service, contribution to the regional ecosystem, and sensitivity to local customs. The value of integrity and "Face" in one-on-one interactions, group interactions, social media and government-to-government relations cannot be underestimated.

We work with clients to navigate social and traditional media to ensure their reputation is supported and enhanced in both "business as usual " scenarios and during crisis situation. We undertake emergency reputation mediation and brand-value restoration assignment in the event of unforeseen threats and attacks on a company's integrity.

We offer the following:

  • Reputation Audit & Assessment – Vulnerabilities & Impacts

  • Strategies for Reputation Excellence - Positioning, Visibility

  • Reputation Shaping – Point of Difference

  • Reputation Strategy Execution & Risk Management

  • Leadership & Talent Development via Scenario Simulation

  • Emergency Live Crisis "Issue" Containment and Media Management

  • Below the Line Message Strategy & Placement

  • Black Swan Outside-the-Box Brainstorming & Scenario Analysis