Eating VLBI workshop 2019
Bologna, CNR Research area, 2019 April 15-17

"East Asia To Italy: Nearly Global VLBI"
After the previous meetings in Bologna and Jeju Island the Italian and East Asia VLBI community will meet again in April 2019 in Bologna. 

In this new meeting, there will be ample discussion and presentation of latest results in the field of radio loud Active Galactic Nuclei, with a focus on activities related to the Event Horizon Telescope observations. 

Science topics will also include other astrophysical systems, like star forming regions, compact objects, and transient sources

Besides the science sessions, there will be reports and planning on technical and practical matters, including developments in the field of receivers, antennas, recording media, and the organisational setups required for the maximisation of the return from joint observations. Plans for synergy with industries and outreach activities will also be discussed.

We will also provide time and rooms for splinter hands-on sessions for interested smaller groups.


December 5, first announcement
January 10, second announcement, open of registration and abstract submission
February 15, close of abstract submission
March 15, program announcement
March 30, close of registration
April 15-17, workshop


AGN science
- EHT results and related Eating VLBI activities
- Blazars: VLBI & MWL-MM connection (Fermi, CTA, Icecube, etc)
- Misaligned sources: young radio sources, FR0s, giant radio galaxies
- Results from recent Eating VLBI observations of AGNs

Non-AGN science
- Star formation, stellar evolution
- Pulsars, magnetars
- Transients: GW and GRBs, microquasars, etc.

Other topics
- Arrays and coordination
- Receivers, dishes, backends, correlators & connection to industries
- VLBI clock timing
- Outreach activities


Thanks to the generous grant from NST, the meeting has no registration cost.