I am a faculty in Engineering at IIT, Jodhpur (Indian Institute of Technology). I did a stint from March 2012-March 2014 as Assistant Professor at Center of Excellence in Energy, IITJ. I headed the focus group of Mechanical Engineering in 2014-15 to perform transition from COE Energy to Department of Mechanical Engineering. From 2015 to March 2019 as a Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering. From March 2019 to June 2023 , Anand was an Associate Professor at the department and headed the Center for Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development (CETSD) till August 31, 2023. Presently, I am a Professor in Mechanical Engineering. 

My teams work did focus in areas of  water-energy nexus, water filtration, wetland hydrodynamics, rural technologies, micro-turbo designs, irrigation and horticulture, materials and probabilistic modeling in engineering design.

I was a Post Doctoral Associate at Rohsenow Kendall Heat Transfer Laboratory , in Mechanical Engineering Departmentat MIT, Cambridge, MA. My Advisor was Prof. John Lienhard V. I worked in the area of water-energy nexus and contributed mainly to energy for water and economics of water use. 

Before I had another Post Doctoral Fellowship from Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE) Department at The Ohio State University at Columbus, OH. I was involved in research on agricultural constructed wetland systems and also in physics of clay ceramics. My advisors were Prof. Larry C Brown and Prof. Alfred B. O. Soboyejo

I received the PhD (Engineering) under the guidance of Prof Alfred Soboyejo and Prof. Larry C Brown from Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department and  I conducted some of my experiments at The Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM) at Princeton University. This also helped me to work with the US Africa Materials Initiative (USAMI) projects.

 Previously I received the M.S. in Engineering Science and Mechanics under the guidance of Prof. Muhammad Ali R Sharif from the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. I was also co-advised by Prof. Richard C Bradt, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, University of Alabama. Here I worked on numerical modeling of molten steel flows in an industrial tundish. 

 My Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering is from Madurai Kamaraj University in 2001. I am an alumnus of the Kerala School at Vikas Puri in New Delhi run under the aegis of Kerala Education Society and Government of Delhi. 

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