About me

I'm an associate professor with the Department of Computer Science (DCC) of UFJF and a full professor with the Graduate Program in Computer Science (PPGCC). I received my M.Sc. and D.Sc degrees in Computer Science from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, in 2011 and 2016, respectively. I participated in several research projects funded by several agencies, such as RNP, FINEP, FAPERJ, TBE, FAPEMIG, PTI, FAPESP, and CNPq. In addition, I'm also a head researcher at the UFJF NetLab Laboratory and a member of the IEEE and SBC Societies. I have a long time of experience in Computer Science, emphasizing Computer Networks and Cybersecurity.

Last Activities (5 Years)

Research Cooperation

Students (Formação de RH)

  • In progress

    • Undergraduate (10): Osiel do Couto; Fernando Alfeld; André Caetano; João Victor Dutra; Daniel Varoto; Rodrigo Torres; Samira; Victor Guerra; Pedro Cotta Badaró; Guilherme Fiorini

    • MSc (5): Rodrigo Funchal; Lucas Frank; Frederico Sales, Alexandre Souza; Luciano Rocha

    • DSc (1): Airton Gomes Filho

    • Scientific Initiation (3): Ana Beatriz; Samira; Rodrigo Torres, Samira

    • Professionl Trainning - UFJF (2): Leonardo Azalim; Victor Loureiro

  • Alumni

    • Undergraduate (8): Yan Mendes Ferreira (atualmente trabalhando como Founding Group Product Manager na Latitud) ; Lucas Rodrigues Frank (ingressou no Mestrado PPGCC/UFJF); Pedro Henrique Linhares Oliveira (atualmente trabalhando na SoftWrap); Osiel do Couto Rosa (atualmente cursando Computação na UFJF); Lucas Martins Figueiredo (ingressou no Mestrado PPGCC/UFJF); Rafael Dutra (atualmente no mercado de trabalho)

    • MSc (2): Airton Gomes Filho (ingressou no Doutorado PPGCC/UFV e trabalhando na RNP); Lucas Figueiredo;

    • DSc: -

    • Scientific Initiation (5): João Victor Dutra Balboa; Rodrigo Torres Rego (2 projetos); Lucas Rodrigues Frank; Yan Mendes Ferreira

    • Professionl Trainning - UFJF (15): Ronaldo Modesto Ponciano; Christian Scoralich Alves; João Paulo Costa Silva; Luiz Filipe Peres Moura Araujo; Melissa Santos Aguiar; João Paulo Costa Silva; Ana Paula Ferreira Monteiro; Lucas Martins Figueiredo; Lucas Rodrigues Frank; Robert William da Silva; Igor de Andrade Junqueira; Emerson da Silva de Oliveira; Bruno Rocha Guedes; Alexander Silva Barbosa; Denner Efisio Emanuel Reis

Research, Development, and Innovation (PD&I)

  • In progress (3): Demanda Universal - FAPEMIG 001/2018 - Coordenador; FAPESP/MCTIC - MEGACHAIN: Blockchain para Integração, Privacidade e Auditoria de Sistemas de Megacidades - Integrante; RNP - Projeto de PD&I nos Serviços da Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa - Coordenador

  • Past (since 2017) (4): FINEP - LNCC (2017-2019); RNP GT-SADI (2019-2020); Microsoft IA (2018-2019); PTI/Lasse Itaipu - SDN (2018-2019)

Events organization

  • 2018: Chair WGID - SBSeg Natal/RN - UFRN

  • 2019: 3PGCIC - Track Cloud and Service-Oriented Computing - PC Member; Hackathon UFJF+ Inteligente - Coordenador

  • 2020: 3PGCIC - Track Cloud and Service-Oriented Computing - PC Member

  • 2021: 3PGCIC - Track Cloud and Service-Oriented Computing - PC Member

  • 2022: Globecom - SAC/CISS - TPC Member; EAI MobiCase - Workshop Chair; IEEE ISCC - Workshop DInstInSys - Publicity Chair; 3PGCIC - Track Cloud and Service-Oriented Computing - PC Member; CCGrid and AI4Health Workshop Chair and Latin America Lead.

  • 2023 (planned): SBSeg @ UFJF - Chair

Only the main contributions or real participation in the organization (such as chairing a session, or helping the organization) are shown. The technical paper revisions or journal board, for example, are not listed. I worked for more than 20 journals and more than 50 conferences as a technical revisor.

Awards (since 2017)

  • Best papers: ICCSA 2019; SBSeg 2021

  • Best Master's Dissertation on SBRC 2022 (advisor)

  • Works indicated to WTICG/SBSeg, CTD/SBRC, and CTDSeg

  • Honorable Mention on the most important technical event in the Brazilian electricity sector (SNPTEE) 2022

Technical Committees

  • @UFJF: Coordenador do Comitê Assessor da Pró-Reitoria de Pesquisa (2018-2021); Comissões do DCC/UFJF e do PPGCC

  • Outside the University: CT-GID: a member of the technical committee of IAM at RNP; Global eduroam Governance Committee


  • VIEIRA, A. B. ; SILVA, EDELBERTO F. ; MODESTO, R. ; FRANK, L. R. . SADI - Sistema de Análise de Dados em Tempo Real para Serviços de Gestão de Identidade. 2021. Patente: Programa de Computador. Número do registro: BR512021000479-5, data de registro: 12/03/2021, título: "SADI - Sistema de Análise de Dados em Tempo Real para Serviços de Gestão de Identidade" , Instituição de registro: INPI - Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial.


In cooperation with European colleagues we had the International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Health AI4Health 2022 approved on 22nd IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster (CCGrid) https://www.ai4health.icar.cnr.it/

Best Article Award from SBSeg 2021 - Uma Política de Cache de Identidade Multinível para Névoas Computacionais. Autores: Airton Gomes Filho, Bruno Cremonezi, Alex Vieira, José Augusto Nacif, Michele Nogueira and I

Best Master's Dissertation Award from SBRC 2022. Advisors: Alex and I

The article An SDN-Based Energy-Aware Traffic Management Mechanism was accepted and published in the Annals of Telecommunications (ANTE) (Qualis B1 - atual - e A4 - novo)

Artigo K. K. Coelho, M. Nogueira, M. C. Marim, E. F. Silva, A. B. Vieira and J. A. M. Nacif, "LORENA: Low memORy symmEtric-key geNerAtion method for based on group cryptography protocol applied to the Internet of Healthcare Things," in IEEE Access, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3143210.

The article entitled Improving the Attribute Retrieval on ABAC using Opportunistic Caches for Fog-Based IoT Networks was accepted and published in ComNet (Top 10 journal in CS)

I am a coordinator (volunteer work) of a Research Project accepted @ PMon - Title: Monitoring of Authentication and Authorization and Network Services in Wi-Fi Enterprise Environments

I am happy to announce that our (Lorenzo (Italy), Giovanna (Italy), Mario and I (Brazil)) Elsevier Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (BSPC), Q1 in 2021 was accepted.