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I'm an associate professor with the Department of Computer Science (DCC) of UFJF and a full professor with the Graduate Program in Computer Science (PPGCC). I received my M.Sc. and D.Sc degrees in Computer Science from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, in 2011 and 2016, respectively. I participated in several research projects funded by several agencies, such as RNP, FINEP, FAPERJ, TBE, FAPEMIG, PTI, FAPESP, and CNPq. In addition, I'm also a head researcher at the UFJF NetLab Laboratory and a member of the IEEE and SBC Societies. I have a long time of experience in Computer Science, emphasizing Computer Networks and Cybersecurity.

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Only the main contributions or real participation in the organization (such as chairing a session or helping the organization) are shown. The technical paper revisions or journal board, for example, are not listed. I worked as a technical revisor for more than 20 journals and more than 50 conferences.

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We are glad to announce that we have a paper accepted in IEEE ICC 2023

We are glad to have the paper "Darknet Traffic Detection and Characterization with Models Based on Decision Trees and Neural Networks" accepted in ISWA - Intelligent Systems with Applications (Q1 - Qualis A1).

The article entitled Improving the Attribute Retrieval on ABAC using Opportunistic Caches for Fog-Based IoT Networks was accepted and published in ComNet (Top 10 journal in CS)

The article entitled A survey on federated learning for security and privacy in healthcare applications was published in Computer Communications

Article Adaptive Parameters for LoRa-Based Networks Physical-Layer was published in Sensors Journal. 

The article Security analysis of digitized substations: A systematic review of GOOSE messages was published in IoT Journal.

I am happy to announce that our (Lorenzo (Italy), Giovanna (Italy), Mario and I (Brazil)) Elsevier Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (BSPC) - a Q1 Journal - was accepted.

Best Article Award from SBSeg 2021 - Uma Política de Cache de Identidade Multinível para Névoas Computacionais. Autores: Airton Gomes Filho, Bruno Cremonezi, Alex Vieira, José Augusto Nacif, Michele Nogueira and I

I am a coordinator (volunteer work) of a Research Project accepted @ PGId - Title: Study and Evaluation of EAP Authentication Methods in the Infrastructure of 5G Telecommunication Networks

I am a researcher working with RNP and Inatel to investigate 5G and eduroam integration.