Homer Visual Arts Department

Adventure in the Arts
Pk-8th grade students
Homer JH and Intermediate
Thursday, June 6th from 6-8pm

Art Expo
Studio 4 and Studio 5 students
Center for the Arts
Sunday, June 9th from 4-6pm

High School Art Show
9th-12th grade students
Old Music Building
Tuesday, June 11th 12-8pm

These 5 students have work shown at Beaver Lake Nature Center for the month of April, Congratulations!

6th, 7th and 8th grade art students illustrated "what lifts them" in their life, on feathers and trojan head shapes.  Stop by the Junior High for a photo shoot with this installation!

Congratulations to our Scholastic Art Winners!

Check out the HS site for names and places!

**Imagination Celebration 2019**
 Teacher Show- March 1-March 12
Center for the Arts
Opening Reception-"First Friday" March 1st 5-8pm

Elementary Show-March 12-April 1st (Select Students)
Opening Reception-March 21st, 5-7pm

Secondary Show- April 2nd-April 22nd (Select Students)
Opening Reception- April 10th, 5-7pm

This October, Homer JH art students and teachers donated over 100 ceramic bowls to the Cortland Loaves and Fishes "Empty Bowls" fundraiser.  The event raised over $16,000!


Save the Date!

 Adventure in the Arts 
June 6th @ 6:00 p.m.
K-8 Artwork!
located at Homer Intermediate and Junior High School    

Our students created 10 more beautiful banners for our district!

Here are a few close-ups:


Homer High School had an incredible amount of 
Scholastic Art Award Winners this year!

 Portfolio Silver Key: 
Meagan C., Marleah D., Adam W.

Portfolio Honorable Mention:
Brianne C., Eliot G., Kate H., Brent M.,  
Kristen R., Alsasce-Lorraine S., Stone T.

Gold Key:
Gabe C.-Photography
Meagan C.-(2) Drawing and Illustration
Mackenzie C.-Drawing and Illustration
Marleah D.--Drawing and Illustration
Anna G.--Drawing and Illustration
Anna G.-Photography
Isabelle H.-Drawing and Illustration
Isabelle H.-Photography
Claire K.-Drawing and Illustration
Charles L.-Jewelry
Cameron P.-Photography
Amelia P.-Film and Animation
Alsasce-Lorraine S.-Painting
Alyson W.-Photography
Silver Key:
Gabe C.- Photography
Meagan C.-Drawing and Illustration
Marleah D.-Drawing and Illustration
Kate H.-Digital Art
Isabelle H.-(2) Photography
Delaney H.-Drawing and Illustration
Brent M.-Drawing and Illustration
Cameron P.-Jewelry
Stone T.-Sculpture
Emily T.-Sculpture

Honorable Mention:
Joe B., Pepper B., Gabe C., Brianne C., Alex C., Marisa C., Marleah D., Megan E., Connor G., Anna G. (2), Kate H., Jordan H., Ashleigh H., Brent M. (2),  Emily N., Alex N., Aaron N., Shenequa P., Kristen R. (2), Rianna R., Jodi S., Devon S., Autumn S., Emily T., Callie T.,
Adam W. (2), Alyson W. (2)

Summerhill Sculpture Center
Homer, Groton, Cincinnatus & Cortland students have a LARGE installation on show!
353 Salt Road, Locke, NY

The character education committee joined with the art department to make banners depicting our P.R.I.D.E. character traits.  They are displayed at each school. Nice work artists!


Scholastic Art Show 2017
Mid January thru February
Select JH and HS Students
Work displayed on OCC campus

Cortland County Teacher Art Show
Opening Reception: March 3rd, 5-8pm
Homer Teachers will display artwork 
Center for the Arts, Homer

Imagination Celebration 2017
Elementary Show: March 22-April 2
Reception: March 23rd, 5-7pm

Secondary Show: April 12-April 23
Reception: April 12th, 5-7pm
All work in Gallery at the Center for the Arts, Homer.

Art Expo (9-12th grade)

Adventure in the Arts 2017 (3-8 grade)
Wednesday, June 7th 
6:00-8:00 pm
Intermediate & Junior High School

NYS Visual Arts Standards

Creating, performing and participating in the Arts

Students will actively engage in the process that constitute creation and performance in the arts (dance, music, theatre and visual arts) and participate in various roles in the arts.

Knowing and Using Art Materials and Resources

Students will be knowledgeable about and make use of the materials and resource available for participation in the arts in various roles.

Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art

Students will respond critically to a variety of works in the arts, connecting the individual work to other works and to others aspects of human endeavor and thought.

Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts

Students will develop an understanding of the personal and cultural forces that shape artistic communication and how the arts in turn shape the divers cultures of past and present society.