Welcome to Pre-K 3!

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-The letter of the week is W!  We'll be learning what sound it makes, how to identify it, and we'll practice writing it. 

-SCIENCE: Since it's W week we will be learning all about whales!  We'll learn about the different types of whales, what animal group they belong to, what they eat and their habitat.  We'll also be learning that God made weather to help things grow.  We'll be discussing all the different types of weather and how we benefit from sun, clouds, rain, snow, etc.

-This Friday we'll have a W show-and-tell!  Please help your child find something to bring to school that goes in the water or flies in the wind.


*paper towels*

hand soap

empty toilet paper rolls


-Any food that comes in to share with the class must be on our Safe Foods List which is on our school website.  Any questions, please let me know!