The Middle Seat

August 19, 2019

How to make the school year great:

  1. Say hi and bye to your teachers when you walk in and out of their room. This makes a great first impression and the teacher will learn your name faster than the other students.
  2. Use the time you have to get things done. If you have homework to do, and a teacher gives you time to do, don’t pass up the opportunity.
  3. Only solve your problems - not everyone else’s. If your friend has a problem, give them advice, provide encouragement and support, but let your friend find the solution. Keep your focus on what you need to do for yourself, not the drama created by others.
  4. Ask questions. If you are in class and you do not understand, then you are not going to understand later. Ask about it. It is better to know earlier than later.
  5. Every day reflect on the best part of your day. Did you get an answer correct when you thought you were wrong? Did you have an interesting science experiment? Did you meet someone new? Every day has its ups and downs. Take a minute to make sure you see the positives in each day.

First Day of School

If students arrive prior to 7:20am, they should go into the West Gym and wait for the bell.

At 7:20, students will go to their locker and then to their 1st period class. If a student does not know their 1st period class, they should stop into the main office or guidance office.

August 20 is an “A Day.”

If your child is an 8th grade student in French, they will not go to Highland High School on the first day. They should report to the Middle School Media Center. They will begin their French class at HHS on August 21.

AM Drop Off

Cars will enter and exit in the back of the school off of Wilbur Rd. Students should only unload in the recess area. Your child should stay in your car until you are past the fence. Cars should pull as far forward as possible.

PM Drop Off

There are two lines for pick up at the end of the day. Both are in the back of the building off of Wilbur Rd.

There is one line along the fence as you enter. Cars will pull up to the recess area and students will load those 5-6 cars. The cars will U-turn and exit to Wilbur Rd.

The other line starts at the dumpsters and extends back to the football stadium. Students will cross at the crosswalk and walk back to their car. Once you are loaded, you can pull to the middle and wait for direction to exit.

Water Bottles

Water Bottles are permitted. Please do not send a glass water bottle. Regardless of how “unbreakable” it advertises, I have not seen one servive a fall from the top shelf of a locker. If your water bottle sweats, it is a good idea to have a paper towel to wipe the water off of your desk/floor/locker.

PTO Volunteers - Thank you!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the Supply and Registration Day a success.

5th Grade Parent Orientation

Thank you to those new to Highland parents who attended the orientation. Below is a link to the Power Point from the parent meeting.