District Information

District Goals

1. Education

    a. Implement strategies to help attain 100% graduation rate, with 60% of the graduates participating in post-secondary education or training.

    b. Implement strategies to help all students to exceed current acceptable measured levels on state and national achievements.

2. Professional Personnel

    Continue to provide high-quality professional development in the educational uses of technology and technology tools in the classroom.

3. School Environment

    a. Establish a program of awarding differentiated diplomas (honors, vocational, and regular).

    b. Work to provide a safe, healthful, clean, and well-maintained environment for students and staff.

4. Operations

    a. Continue to renovate and update existing facilities to meet the needs of students, staff, and patrons.

    b. Continue to increase opportunities for meaningful parental and community involvement.

    c. Establish and implement systematic procedures to ensure efficient fiscal management and accountability.

District Curriculum

Curriculum has been in an evolutionary process for the past 30 years and is becoming an indispensable resource for educators that includes not only objectives but teaching strategies and assessments.