Below you will find a calendar with all of our sporting events. Events listed as "vs" will take place at home.

We hope to see you come support your Tigers!

Please note: Baseball games listed at 6pm following a Softball game will begin when the softball game ends, this likely will not be exactly at 6pm.

High School Sports and Coaches

Boys Basketball - Tanner Burton

Girls Basketball - Tanner Burton

Baseball - Ashleigh Woolmaker, Ronnie Barron, and Chad Crawford

Softball - Amy Pottebaum and Jane Clark

Track - Charles Schroeder, Jamey Fuemmeler, Traci Wolf, Ryan Pezold

Cross Country - Charles Schroeder

Cheerleading - Shayla Beckfield

Junior High Sports and Coaches

Boys Basketball - David Roush

Girls Basketball - Tanner Burton

For any additional information regarding Higbee's Athletic Department please contact Jamey Fuemmeler.