The Spotlight
Neckties and Bow Ties
It's a little amusing to discover that mercenaries in the 1600s are the reason men are tortured with neckties today. During the Croatian war, Parisians were attracted to the cravats worn by the mercenaries and adopted the style as their own. The tie evolved over the centuries until the late 1800s, when neckties and bowties settled into their current state, with slight variations. With the holidays in gear, you may have more occasions to wear a tie than usual. Perhaps you are singing in the choir concert, taking that special someone to a fancy restaurant, or attending a swanky party. Whatever the occasion, a tie will add just the right touch to your attire. Just watch the heads turn in admiration when you walk into the room. Visit the sites below to get some talking points about ties and learn the tricks of tying one properly.
Bow Ties 101: An Introduction to Bow Ties
December is Tie Month
History of Ties
How to Tie a Tie
How to Tie and Style a Bow Tie
The Evolution of the Necktie
The Origins of the Neck Tie
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