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Hooray for Libraries!
Shhhhh! There was a time when the thought of going to the library was not all that exciting - shuffling through card catalogs, digging through rows of dusty books, and having to be quiet as a mouse or be reprimanded by the librarian. But times have changed and so have libraries which are now dynamic places full of books and magazines, computers, music, movies, games, and audio books. There might be a group of kids working on a craft project while their parents take a computer class. Libraries also serve as gathering places for book clubs, discussion groups, and interesting presentations. Visit the sites below to learn about the history of libraries, see some of the world's most amazing libraries, and find out what people are doing to make sure libraries continue to survive and thrive.
18 Libraries Every Book Lover Should Visit
Campaign for America's Libraries
Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming
Sesame Street: Cookie Monster In The Library
The Future of Libraries
The History of Libraries Through the Ages
The Reading Agency: Libraries

This is your Baron Library, come in and check us out. 
A special thanks to Tue Duong and the BBN crew for putting this together.