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May The 4th is upon us, and with that we celebrate the legacy of George Lucas's Star Wars. In the summer of 1977, Star Wars premiered with groundbreaking numbers and rolled into an instant blockbuster. 
Lucas's first Star Wars film flawlessly captured all the latest visual and audio effects of its time. The franchise would later manifest itself into a pop culture icon. Beyond this, Star Wars is also rich in history. From Luke Sky Walkers origins coming from mythological heroes to the science behind lightsabers, Star Wars appeals to everyone. Even if you've never seen any of the films or read any of the books, you'll be sure to find some interesting facts during Star Wars Month. So be sure to checkout out some websites below or drop in to our library and celebrate with us everything Star Wars. 
The Science of Star Wars

Faculty Talk Lightsabers, Mind Control, Politics of Star Wars

Explore Star Wars

The Hero's Journey

Real Life Droids

Star Wars: The Man Who Designed the Films' Look


Fandom Night @ HBPL
Fandom Night @ HBPL

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