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Summer may be winding down, but that's no reason to stop reading. There are thousands of good books just waiting to be checked out of the library. Maybe you're in the mood for a little romance, or perhaps a space adventure is more your style. Crack open a book to travel to an exotic location, or get swept up in a swirl of magic. A great story can provide just the distraction you need to make you forget school is about to start. Plus, it will give you something to talk about with that cute new kid, and may even provide you with a head start on a future assignment. Check out the lists below for some reading ideas, and if you've already read them all, your local librarian is sure to have lots more suggestions.
2016 Summer Reading from The Horn Book: Middle School
ALSC Summer Reading Lists - 2016
Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long!
Summer Reading Lists
Summer Reading Lists For Kids Ages 6 – 14
The Summer Reading Lists at America's Most Prestigious Private Schools
Unique 2016 Summer Reading List — From College Admissions Counselors and Deans
Young Adults' Choices Reading List
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