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Leaf Peeping

Distracted driving becomes a big problem in the fall, but it's not because of smartphones - it's the leaves! Those glorious yellow, orange, and red leaves! Most people are content to just enjoy the show knowing the black-and-white winter is not far behind; but there are a few who really need to know why leaves change color and why different trees produce different colors. During the spring and summer, trees are busy making food through the process of photosynthesis, which requires chlorophyll. Chlorophyll just happens to be green and when the photosynthesis factory is running during the spring and summer, that green takes over. Shorter days and longer nights means less chlorophyll production. As the green fades and is not replaced, the orange and yellow pigments – which are always there – begin to show through. Red and purple pigments happen through an entirely different process which you can learn about at the sites below. Knowing why leaves change colors will not make you enjoy them any less so make sure you get outside and take a nice, crunchy walk this fall.

A Change in Leaf Color

The Miracle of Fall

Where Leaf Peepers Can Expect to See the Most Vibrant Foliage Each Fall

Why Do Autumn Leaves Change Color?

Why Do Leaves Change Color in Autumn?

Why Do Leaves Change Color In The Fall?

Why Do Leaves Change Color?