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Shakespeare's Words and Phrases
Did you realize your mom was quoting Shakespeare when she said you were "eating her out of house and home?" She probably didn't either unless she was made to read "Henry IV, Part II" in school. Even then, she might not have realized the Bard invented the phrase. Of all the many thousands of words Shakespeare used in his writing, he is said to have invented 1,700 of them. Scholars debate whether he actually made them up, or just wrote them down for the first time, but either way he gets the credit for them being popularized. Keep reading to learn more about how new words are created, and to discover some of the surprising words and phrases attributed to Shakespeare.
45 Everyday Phrases Coined By Shakespeare
How New Words Are Created
List of Words and Phrases Shakespeare Invented
Phrases Shakespeare Invented
Where do new words come from? How do you figure out their histories?
Words and Phrases Coined by Shakespeare
Words Shakespeare Invented


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