At Hanover High School, we strive to integrate technology into all facets of teaching and learning. The high school has 2 computer labs with approximately 15 machines each. We have small computer labs in the Physics classroom and the Industrial Technology area. We also have 4 mobile labs that include between 10 and 20 laptops each. Our goal is to use these resources wisely to support the instruction and administration of the school so that we provide a true 21st century learning environment for our students, teachers and administrators.

Our technology department also supports a wireless network that is available throughout the high school's campus. This service allows students, teachers and community members the convenience of ubiquitous online access during the school day. While we allow students to bring their personal machines to the high school, students should understand that activities on personal machines must also adhere to the same Acceptable Use Policy as the school-owned machines.

We currently offer three courses in computer technology:

  • Intro to ICT - This survey course provides students with an opportunity to build on their current technology skills and to experiment with new ones.
  • Web Design - This course introduces students to the fundamentals of web design through evaluating web sites, exploring the principles of good web design and learning how to create simple websites with html and Dreamweaver.
  • Programming - This introductory course in computer programming introduces students to writing code using the Python programming language.