Athletic Clearance

Welcome to the Athletic Online Clearance Process Guide. Here you will find the directions to complete the clearance process to participate in athletics and activities. Thanks for taking the time to complete the process.

Online Clearance Portion

Online clearance must be completed for each sport you intend to participate in this year.

Step 1


Step 2

Complete the Login Process. A PARENT must create an account to clear student-athletes.

Step 3

Complete the Online Forms.

Step 4

Complete the Online Signature Agreements.

Step 5

  • Print and Sign the Confirmation/Consent Form. Print from the site or from the email that is sent to your registered email.

  • Also need to download COVID Waiver, sign, and submit this year 2021-2022 with your Consent Form. CLICK HERE for Waiver

Step 6

Please email your "Parent Consent to Participate Form", physical form and COVID Waiver to to complete the clearance process.

* - If purchasing English-Student Insurance or Spanish- Student Insurance, please email a copy of the printed ID card to with the student's name in the subject line.

Physical Form Portion

Physicals are required annually and must be valid throughout the entire season of your sport. The physical cannot be completed by a Chiropractor, Physician's Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner (PA and NP are accepted only if the form is also signed by an MD or DO) and must be completed in California. Please have the facility stamp the form with valid contact information & the Doctor's name.

Step 1

Download the Physical Form - CLICK HERE

Download & sign COVID Waiver Click Below:

English - CLICK HERE

Spanish - CLICK HERE


Step 2

Complete the top portion prior to the doctor's visit.

Step 3

Have licensed MD or DO complete the bottom portion of the Physical Form.

Step 4

Make a copy for your records.

Step 5

  • Please upload the Doctor's physical in your Athletic Clearance Account.

  • Print and Sign the Confirmation/Consent Form and COVID Waiver Form. Email forms to to complete the clearance process.

With this new system, you will be required to clear for each sport individually. The system will maintain your records so that when clearing for additional sports or in future years, you will only be required to update information. You can maintain multiple students with the same account.