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Shared Time Program Information

Mission Statement:

To teach students to use technology as a tool for learning.


Grand Rapids Public Schools Tech Plan 

METS (Michigan Educational Technology Standards)

METS in pdf list format

Common Core goals arranged by technology related items

General skills by grade level.



Program Description

The Grand Rapids Puplic Schools Shared Time Program

This program provides various services (computer, Art, P.E., Language {Spanish}) to students in private or parachial school settings. This concept dates back to the 1970's, was challenged in court and terminated in 1985, but overruled and reestablished in 1998.

As much as possible, I try and integrate the use of technology with student work in the content areas. I work with the regular classroom teachers on content area projects whenever feasible.

I also try to integrate general computer usage; opening files, saving files, finding files and using the operating system.  I try to teach more specific skills in word processing, spreadsheet, internet usage, and numerous software titles.  I have registered a domain name and make use of google apps. (see below)  In the last few years I've been using 21 Things for Students (middle school) and Digital Password for 3rd-5th) We do spend time (about 10 minutes per class) on keyboarding.  I have been making use of in recent years.  Students can (and probably should) log in from home and practice (without looking at their fingers!!!!!!)

I have been using Google Classrooms for several years.

We try to follow this pattern for logging into most things.  Go, use sign in (upper right, if someone else is signed in, sign them out or create a new idenity)

username: first name, last initial, school initials (HTS, TUC, ASA,) and year (last 2 digits) they graduate 8th grade;

password: school initials and the numbers 12345

So, if Micky Mouse is an 8th grader at Holy Trinity their username is; mickeymhts16

password hts12345

If Donald Duck is in 5th grade at Tri Unity; donalddtuc19

password tuc12345

Kindergarten 25

1st grade 24

2nd grade 23

3rd grade 22

4th grade 21

5th grade 20

6th grade 19

7th grade 18

8th grade 17

Feel free to email me or ask your student for details.

Browse through the "Lab Links" page to see what sort of sites we utilize. Ask your student what we've been up to as well!

email: (replace the -at- with @)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions:

Jeff Van Dyke

Grand Rapids Public Schools

Google Apps:

I manage a google apps account which allows me to assign my own emails to students.  Not only can I teach email skills and cloud computing concepts using this, it also allows me to sign students up for online services with unique email addresses.  This email service is fully controlled by me and is a  “walled garden” meaning no emails are allowed in or out except those I allow so it is very safe.  The email service portion of our Google Apps services is off 90% of the time.  We make use of Google Docs and other services far more than the actual email portion. I never allow students to use their last names or any other personal information on internet related activities.  I also do not allow access to personal emails (unless retrieving school work) or any social networking sites.


I work in many schools (6 buildings in the 2014-2015 school year).  Each seems to want different things regarding grading.  GRPS views the class simply as pass/fail but most schools want letter grades in middle school so I try to accommodate.  If you have concerns or want to check your students progress please feel free to contact me. 

Use the "Lab Links" link below (or menu top left) to return to the main page, then click the link to your child's grade level, and use the Google Classroom Page links to find their specific page, then log in as them!!  Ask them to help, they should be good at it!

Here's some of those links below

Google Classroom Page 7th/8th Grade Boys Tri Unity

Google Classroom Page 7th/8th Grade Girls Tri Unity

Google Classroom Page 6 Grade Holy Trinity

Google Classroom Page 7/8th Grade Holy Trinity

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