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Third Grade

DIOGR Rit Math Games List

DIOGR Rit Reading Games List

Google Classroom Page Holy Trinity

Google Classroom Page Tri Unity Christian

Google Classroom Page All Saints Academy


Typing Web

U of Ill Extension, Science

How Stuff Works

Michigan History


Moby Max

Tri Unity Christian MobyMax

All Saints Acadey MobyMax

Holy Trinity MobyMax

Turtle Diary


Math Trainer ASA TUC HTS

Animal Report Links


Kids Biology


Kids National Geographic


Animal Planet

BBC Light and Sound Video

Animal Adaptation Video and quiz

Plant Adaptation search results

Splat Math

Base Ten Blocks

Food Chain Game

Another Food Chain Game

And another one!

Online Art List

This is Sand

Multiplication Practice

Math Trainer

Animal Classification 1

Animal Classification 2

Digital Passport

Math Trainer

PBS Kids

UFixIt CyberChase!


ABCYA Shapes

Make a shape

Enchanted Learning Shapes

Cool Math! Games!


HoodaMath Games 

Simple Machines

Fractions: improper to mixed


ThatQuiz HTS

ThatQuiz SPA

ThatQuiz TUC 






ThatQuiz TUC


Thatquiz SPA

ThatQuiz HTS


Arcademic Skillbuilders


Spelling City

Wordle Word Clouds



HoodaMath Games 


Multiplication Grid Blank


Cool Math! Games!


Tons of Math Games (UEN)




TutPut Math Games


Geometry Manipulatives


Baseball Geometry

Math Games at Fun Brain


Elapsed Time E-Lab

Elapsed Time Online Quiz

Type in the elapsed time and check

(set to Guess mode, change the Level if you dare!)

Subtraction with regrouping


Place Value

Fruit Shoot

Base Ten Blocks


One and Tens

Shark Place Value

Addition Practice

Math Speed Challenge

Math Baseball

Mystery Picture Spaceship

LadyBug Number Sentences


Adding Bingo (little bit harder problems)


Internet 4 learning



Make totals with coins, Money Master

Mr. Nussbaum Cash Out (gives you totals)

Just Kids Change Maker (pretty hard though)

Change Maker

Counting up Coins


Spending Spree


Simple Coin Add Up



Set the clock

Match Digital to Analog

Another one

 Constitution Day

School House Rock Preamble


Shows Word Document


St. Patrick's Day Fun


More St. Patrick's Day fun


and even more!!



Valentine's Games




Yes, even more


 Christmas Fun Stuff

Wacky Snowmen!


Christmas Games


Gingerbread Man Decorating


Create a Snowflake


More Christmas Games

UEN Interactives!!



Wacky Snowmen!


Christmas Games


Gingerbread Man Decorating


Create a Snowflake


More Christmas Games


Halloween Games


Bunch of Halloween games, coloring, and stuff


Bones and Muscles


Scribble Maps


World Maths Day!


Christmas Games


Pumpkin Carving


Run for President


States Quiz Spreadsheet

Tumble Books


Earth Day Games


Butterfly wing


Space Shows!




Homograph Game


Geography Games


Internet 4 Classrooms


Kids Astronomy

The Nine Planets for Kids

The Nine Planets for older kids (lots of info)

Another one



Enchanted Learning


Who Wants to be a Millionaire Matter Quiz

Pronoun Game


Grammer Games


Food Chain

Food Chain Samples


Brainpop Latitude and Longitude

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Virtual Jack O’ Lantern

Pick a Pumpkin to Carve

Another Pumpkin Carver site

Spooky pumpkin carving 

 Thanksgiving fun

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