My name is Mark Clattenburg and I will be the Physical Education teacher for all the students at Beaver Bank Monarch. The Physical Education Program is designed to enhance knowledge, skills and values related to physical activity and exercise. We will focus on fundamental skills, sport specific skills, goal setting, positive practice habits and social skills. I will do my best to provide many physical activity moments in a variety of fun & safe learning environments. I hope to present physical activity as a “lifetime” activity; an important value to be carried forward in life.

My office hours are 9:30 - 10:30, Monday to Friday. Click on the link below to sign in to Google Meet for face to face help. If you need to speak privately, contact me via email and set up an appointment time.

Use the following email: I will be get back to you throughout the day.

Miss you all!​

Updated April 7, 2020

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At Home Physical Activity Ideas

Hi everyone,

As we all try to make the best of our current situation, I thought I would reach out and present to you a few simple and fun ways to get some physical activity in if you are stuck inside. These are great opportunities to ensure you are getting the Physical Activity you need. Also, they can all be completed in a very small space.

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  1. Doctors Nova Scotia have created an online campaign to encourage and support families to keep moving amidst these challenging times. It’s called the Let’s Keep Moving campaign. The campaign is being launched through our Foundation social media platforms Twitter: @NSMoves; Facebook: @HealthyTomorrowNS.
  2. YMCA at Home: Free Programs Anytime, Anywhere!
  3. BOKS Calendar for the month of April. To join, follow along with the BOKS Kids Activity Calendar. The challenge that I present o you is to complete each day's three activities to ensure you are getting some Physical Activity each morning, afternoon and evening.
  • The morning "BURST" activity is meant to wake you up, both physically and mentally. A description of each "BURST" can be found at the bottom of the calendar.
  • The afternoon session contains a "LIVE AT HOME BOKS CLASS" that you can follow along to at On Youtube just look for their most recent posts under the "At Home BOKS Class" playlist. The most recent is at the bottom.
  • The evening activity consists of working on a yoga pose in order to stretch out and settle down. A description of each "YOGA & MINDFULNESS moment" can be found at the bottom of the calendar.
  • I suggest that you visit to register and download.
  • If you happen to miss the live feed, you can still check them out HERE.

Feel free to reach out and email me at to tell me about your progress. I’d also love to hear what other physical activities you have been doing for fun, fitness and health!

Physical Activity Benefits you…

Mentally - by stimulating the brain and making you more alert and ready to learn

Emotionally - by helping relieve stress and release “Endorphins” that make you feel happy

Socially - by providing you opportunities to join make friends through participation

Physically - by helping keep your body strong and healthy

Physiological Signs from your body that you are working at a moderate or vigorous level…

Increased Heart Rate

Increased Breathing

Increased Body temperature

Increased Sweating

Increased Thirst

Fatigue in muscles

5 Components of Health-Related Physical Fitness

Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Muscular Strength

Muscular Endurance


Body Composition