School Counseling Department


Mr. Edward D. Gregorski
Director of School Counseling

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School Counseling Mission Statement
School counselors believe in the value of education for every child. School counseling services exist to assist all students in grades six through twelve in the development of skills in the areas of personal, social, career and educational growth. We challenge each student to reach his or her potential and become a productive citizen in our technological, diverse, and global community.

School Counseling Philosophy
School counseling is founded on the belief that each individual is unique and capable of self-direction and personal growth. School counseling services are an integral part of a student’s educational experience in grades six through twelve in the Glastonbury School System. These services consist of an ongoing, proactive and planned program, which recognizes the developmental needs of all students. The program is delivered in a systematic way through curriculum lessons, systems supports, and responsive services that are provided individually or in groups.

Through the school counseling program, students are assisted in matters related to academics, post secondary plans and personal/social issues. In addition, school counseling services assist in the process of helping students develop into knowledgeable, responsible, ethical, and caring members of a diverse society within a complex and technological world.

The counselor-counselee relationship is unique because it is based on the unconditional acceptance of students. It is this non-threatening aspect of the counseling experience that allows students to better understand themselves and their environment, and to recognize that relationship between the two.

To this end, the school counseling program is consistent with the Glastonbury Board of Education’s mission, philosophy and goals.