The PACE Program

Program for Academic Challenge and Excellence

The PACE Program provides leadership in individual elementary schools related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment for the Glastonbury Mathematics and Science Programs.

PACE Resource Teachers
  • Promote consistent mathematics and science curriculum implementation and best instructional practices across the district through coaching.  Coaching teachers can include modeling and co-teaching of whole class lessons and working with grade level teams at the building level.
  • Work directly with identified small groups of students who need additional support in mathematics as well as support and train tutors to work with intervention groups
  • Work directly with identified small groups of students for enrichment in mathematics and science
  • Research, develop, and implement school and district-wide initiatives in mathematics and science
  • Research, recommend, and secure resources for elementary classroom teachers that lead to improved student instruction in mathematics and science
  • Collaborate with principals, directors, classroom teachers, and other staff to plan, execute and analyze assessments in mathematics and science (local, state, and national)
  • Create and/or use assessments to diagnose needs in mathematics including the identification of students for intervention and for enrichment
  • Contribute to the alignment of curriculum and instruction with state standards, district expectations, and instructional practices in mathematics and science
  • Design and facilitate professional development in mathematics and science across the district and in individual schools