Michael A. Paarlberg - Publications

Academic publications:

"Transnational Gangs and Criminal Remittances: A Conceptual Framework." in Comparative Migration Studies, June 2022.

"Turcos and Chilestinos: Latin American Palestinian Diaspora Nationalism in a Comparative Context." in Alkazemi, Mariam, and C. E. Youakim, eds. Arab Worlds Beyond the Middle East and North Africa. Lexington, 2021.

"Hometown Associations and Parties as Vehicles for Mexican Electoral Campaigns in the US." in Representation, December 2020.

"Anti-Party Skew and Variation in Diaspora Outreach by Mexican Parties." in Kernalegenn, Tudi, and Emilie van Haute, eds. Political Parties Abroad: A New Arena for Party Politics. Routledge, 2020.

"Competing for the Diaspora's Influence at Home: A Case Study of El Salvador” in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies Vol. 45 No. 4 , March 2019

“Transnational Militancy: Diaspora Influence over Electoral Activity in Latin America.” in Comparative Politics Vol. 49 No. 4, July 2017

“Immigrants and Day Laborers.” In Huerta, Iglesias-Prieto, and Brown, eds. Contemporary Issues for People of Color: Surviving and Thriving in the U.S. Today: Immigration and Migration (2016)

Policy publications:

The Human Trafficking of Domestic Workers in the United States. Co-authored with Sameera Hafiz, published by the Institute for Policy Studies and the National Domestic Workers Alliance (2017)

Unpredictable, Unsustainable: The Impact of Employers’ Scheduling Practices in D.C. Co-authored with Ari Schwartz, Michael Wasser, and Merrit Gillard, published by D.C. Jobs with Justice and the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute (2015)

Making Contracting Work for the United States: report on labor standards among federal contractors. Co-authored with David Madland, published by the Center for American Progress (2008)