Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Linguistics 
Georgetown University

Editor-in-Chief Annual Review of Applied Linguistics (Cambridge University Press) 2017 issue here
Series Editor, Second Language Acquisition Research (Taylor & Francis)

Alison Mackey is an expert on how second languages are learned and how they might best be taught. She is also interested in methodology (how research is carried out). She investigates second language learning across the lifespan, including how new languages are learned at different ages. Her studies have also examined younger and older children, as well as prime-of-life and elderly adults. College-aged students have been a particular focus. Her work has been published in all of the top scholarly journals, as well as in edited collections with Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, John Benjamins and others. She has authored almost 100 articles, chapters, and reports and published 14 books in total - including three books on researching children’s language learning and teaching, four on research methodology, a popular audience book, the Bilingual Edge (which has been translated into a number of languages) and the Handbook of Second Language Acquisition, which won the Modern Language Association's Mildenburger prize (with Susan M. Gass). Her graduate studies included an M.Phil from Cambridge University in the U.K., and a PhD from the University of Sydney in Australia, in linguistics. She has been a language instructor, given workshops for teachers, and taught linguistics in the U.K., Japan, Australia, and the U.S. She is a regular speaker on how languages are learned and taught. She considers one of her most important academic achievements to be her 24 graduated PhD students, all in top jobs, many now with tenure, and in roles directing academic or government programs, and graduating their own students. She is Editor-in-Chief of Cambridge University Press's Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, which is the official journal of the American Association for Applied Linguistics (new issue), co-founder of the Instruments for Research into Second Languages database project, and co-editor of the longstanding book series Second Language Acquisition Research (Taylor and Francis).

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