Ph.D. I completed my PhD in Education at UCLA in the Social Research Methodology program. My emphasis area is in advanced applied research and evaluation methods. My dissertation is a comparative study of mathematics classroom practices in Chile, Colombia and Mexico. My advisor and dissertation chair is Professor José Felipe Martínez, I am super honored to have the following committee members: Dr. Courtney Bell, Dr. Minjeong Jeon, Dr. Jose Felipe Martinez, Dr. Lucrecia Santibañez, Dr. Jim Stigler.

My qualifying (299) paper's title is: Predictive Validity Attributes of Teacher Entrance Exams in Mexico: Lessons and Implications for Teacher Evaluation. This paper examines the predictive validity and measurement properties of teacher entrance assessments in Mexico, while contributing to the educational assessment field by extending the properties of predictive validity beyond the scope of candidates’ selection.

MA degrees. In 2015, I obtained a MA degree in International Comparative Education, where Susanna Loeb, Ph.D. and Martin Carnoy, Ph.D. served as my advisors. During this time, I wrote an MA thesis paper, which is now published in the International Journal of Education Research: Barragan-Torres, M. (2017). School and institutional effects on secondary education transitions in Mexico. International Journal of Educational Research, 85, 68-86. In this paper, I explore the relationship between school/institutional effects and student transitions to upper secondary and higher education, and the labor market in Mexico. During this time, I also obtained an english proficiency certificate with specialization in interpreting and translation

I also have an MA degree in Applied Economics, where I worked with Professor Emilio Gutierrez at ITAM in Mexico City. My MA thesis, won the award to the best education thesis across the university. In Barragan M. (2014). “How important is class size in learning? The case of upper secondary education in Mexico”, I use a regression discontinuity design to explore the effect of class size in achievement.

BA degree. My training is as an Economist, where I specialized in political economy at ITAM in Mexico City. My thesis Barragan M. (2013). “Estimation of returns to education using instrumental variables: The case of Mexico” was directed by Dr. Emilio Gutierrez.