Michelle Bueno

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Hi! My name is Michelle Bueno and this is my eighteenth year as an educator. I helped open Carroll Elementary when it was established in 2007! I taught Special Education my first eight years, second grade for four years and I am so excited about my sixth year in third grade! I am married to Jesse Bueno and have a daughter named Gracie that is starting sixth grade this year. We have two cats named Callie and Cowboy and two Goldendoodles named Paddington and Poppins! I love going to the movies, the theater, reading and spending time with family. I am looking forward to another great year at Carroll!

Favorite Things:

Birthday: May 17th

Hobbies: going to the movies, reading, gardening and spending time with family

Music: all kinds!! (country, pop, musicals...)

Books: Best sellers, James Patterson, Stephen King, historical fiction

Collections: Musical theater playbills

Places to shop: Nordstrom Rack, Target, Lowes and Calloways (gardening....)

Restaurants: Maggianos, Cheesecake Factory, Palios, Tupy's

Fast Food: Chick fil-A, Panera

Drink: Iced caramel macchiato, root beer

Dessert: mint chocolate chip shake

Junk food/candy/snack: peanut M&M's, Twix, Kit Kats, Braums

Things I Like: candles, movies, travel

Class Wish List Items: black/blue pens, mechanical pencils, clorox wipes, Mr. Sketch markers, flair pens, paper towels