The membership form for our local chapter is below. You may choose to complete either the paper form or the online form.

1. To use the paper form, print, and complete. Click here to access the paper form. Send the form to Patricia Hills and payment to Audrey Maguda.

Send form to: Send payment to:

Patricia Hills Audrey Maguda

WNYOSA Membership WNYOSA Membership

1085 Amherst Street 6081 Kahler Hill Rd.

Buffalo, NY 14216 Little Valley, NY 14755

2. To use the electronic form, click here. Complete the e-form and send payment to Audrey Maguda at the address below:

Audrey Maguda

WNYOSA Membership

6081 Kahler Hill Rd.

Little Valley, NY 14755

3. For membership to the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, follow this link:

Online student membership to AOSA is FREE!!!