Cargo Charter Aircraft

Heavy and Over Size Anywhere in the World

We are among the leading cargo aircraft charter service providers with strategic alliances across the world to provide seamless connectivity and preferred aircraft to our clients

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Aircraft's Available: IL 76 A 330 AN 12 B 747

Air Charter Service Jettech Aviation's Cargo Charter Service

(Small, Medium, Heavyweight and abnormal size) with the best Aircraft.

Sometimes air charter is the only option to resolve a cargo logistical problem, usually because the scheduled capacity cannot provide the timing required or the right size of aircraft.

Since charter is never the cheapest means of shipment, it is essential to minimize the cost yet still achieve a prompt and effective solution. JETTECH AVIATION can help you to

ensure value for money and the right aircraft for the job.

Jettech Aviation/Flyjettech organizes air cargo charters for clients all over the world and can carry everything from oil pipes to aircraft parts, helicopters to flowers, dumpers to computers,

heavy vehicles to soft toys - arrange transportation of the cargo which is classified as dangerous goods. The air transportation of certain commodities such as flammable, Corrosive, toxic

or radioactive substances are subject to strict rules and regulations by International Air Transport Association (IATA), the list is endless.

Jettech Aviation/Flyjettech keeps a watch on the movements of cargo aircraft around the world, as there are often empty ferry flights that can be bought at very cheap rates. Sometimes

this can fit well with a customer's requirement and save a great deal of money.

(All Cargo Charters Subject to availability and contract )

In addition, Jettech Aviation/Flyjettech has considerable experience in providing aircraft for contracts and leases for many different requirements worldwide. By arranging the complete package, including Aircraft, permits, fuel, crew, and their food and hotels - everything necessary to run the operation - you can get on with what you know best and leave the aircraft to

fly to your requirements without fuss or bother.

  1. AOG & Urgent Flight

  2. Heavy & Over Size Cargo Charters

  3. Humanitarian & Relief Charter Flights

  4. Hazardous Goods (Dangerous Goods)

  5. Oil & Gas Industry Charters

  6. Cargo Forwarding

  • Aircraft available on standby at 24-hour airports operating to an airfield convenient to the cargo's final destination.

  • Aircraft airborne 60-120 minutes from confirmation.

  • Sole use of chartered aircraft for your consignment, avoiding short shipments and transfer errors.

  • The airport of departure, destination and the flight schedule arranged to your specific requirements.

  • Full coordination and flight management of all chartered aircraft.


We along with our partners worldwide are one of the specialist's cargo charter companies in transporting livestock (animals) across the world in specialized aircraft, with the latest equipment required for safe and comfortable transfer of animals. We have the capacity and capability to transfer a large groups of animals internationally across continents.

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Civilian Cargo/Freight Aircraft

Indicative freighter aircraft specifications for comparison. These refer to standard models and do not take into account the modifications of individual operators.

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Cargo Charter Service: any type of cargo aircraft | Air cargo transport services, specializing in Russian aircraft like AN-124, IL-76, AN-12 and AN-26, IL 76, world's leading air charter service company, with a ... specialized air charter solutions for both passenger and cargo movements.

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World-renowned in the cargo charter market, Jettech Aviation/Flyjettech delivers reliable and cost-effective air cargo charter services for:

Heavy and outsize pieces /Oil and gas equipment/Automotive cargo/High-value commodities/Aerospace equipment/Peacekeeping support/Humanitarian relief cargo/Dangerous goods/Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations

In the Asia Pacific, South East Asia, Middle East, Australia, United States, Africa, Asia, India, Kenya, Japan, Dubai,

Best air cargo charter Services for more competitive prices worldwide.

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