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Homework make up opportunity.  This is how it works, if you have an assignment to make up, you must:
A) Do the assignment you are missing
B) Answer the requested question at the top of said missing assignment.
C) Turn it in.
If you ever see something like (1 pt) next to a question, that means that question can be answered for extra credit on the next homework you turn in.  I will not be posting this info on Google classroom because I want to make it available for your parents to see too, so please check this during Holidays and major events.  You can only turn in one homework per question, unless it was a day where two homework were checked, like this past Monday, then you can turn in the two corresponding assignments.

8/14 - Welcome to class.  Please read the syllabus, but I only need the last page printed and returned to me.  Thank you.  It's in the Files and Such section.