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Email: sakim@fjuhsd.org

Available at lunch unless the district tells me I need to be at a meeting that is more important.

I think my school number is 714-626-4522, but e-mail is the best way to reach me.

About Me:

I've taught for a long time.  We are at a training for this website for zero period teachers because they wanted to maximize our time and didn't want to cut us any slack, so I'm feeling a little irreverent right now.  I have a major in math and sociology from UCLA and a masters in math and my credential from CSUF.  I coached baseball in the past.  I own no pets, nor have any desire to own any, no matter what my students say would be good for my mental health.  I am making this page sitting next to Mr. St. Clair, what's up Mr. St. Clair!

As for the simple website, I'd prefer you be able to find what you need than have it look pretty and useless, like people who go to USC.  Is anyone offended by that statement?  If you are, you probably understood what I wrote and didn't go to USC.  But if you are seriously offended, let me know, and I will delete it since in this litigious society I'm sure someone will be offended and I'll have to delete this comment.