Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions when it comes to your student having a Chromebook. Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions to find answers. If the answers you are looking for are not below, please contact MCCSC or your student's building principal to learn more.

1. Why are we moving to digital content/instruction?

Our vision is to make learning irresistible for students in the Mill Creek Community School Corporation. We believe that when students have a personal device in hand that the learning experience will be enhanced as students become more active participants in their learning as opposed to passive recipients of their education. The Internet and all that is available permits for learning to occur anytime. A child's education and learning does not have to conclude when the dismissal bell rings. Additionally, students will learn valuable 21st Century skills (e.g. communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity) that will be demanded of them when they enter the job market as young adults. Finally, children today are technology natives. Because they have grown up with a device of some sort, they truly prefer to learn, create, research, investigate, discuss, and collaborate while equipped with a device such as a Chromebook.

2. Who will receive a Chromebook?

All students in grades K-12 will have access to a Chromebook device.

3. Am I required to purchase a Chromebook?

No, a school issued Chromebook will be issued to each student.

4. When will students be issued their Chromebook?

Student devices will be distributed to all registered and enrolled students in grades K-12 per their buildings distribution schedule found here. (This may be later for some students due to absences and/or late online registration.) Student devices will be collected no later than the last day of the school year.

A student WILL NOT receive a device until they have completed the online school registration as well as paid for and completed the One2One Risk enrollment. See more details here.

5. May I use my own personal device?

No, due to several considerations, including programming and management, it is not currently possible for Mill Creek to allow individually owned personal devices.

6. May students take the Chromebook home?

Yes, students should take their Chromebooks home every day. Not only for school work but to also charge their Chromebook every evening. It would be beneficial for you to help your student develop the habit of making sure their device is charging over night every night.

7. What happens if my Chromebook is lost or stolen?

The Chromebook is the responsibility of the student. Each Chromebook comes with a limited damage waiver program. Should a device be damaged, lost, or stolen the student and parent/guardian should immediately notify the school administration. The filing of a police report by the parent/guardian may be advised at that time. In the event that a Chromebook is damaged, lost, or stolen by fault of the owner the full cost of the device may be charged.

8. Does my student need to use the provided carrying case?

Yes, to ensure the safety of the device students must carry their device in the provided case when not in use. The cases purchased this school year have been researched and tested for protection ability.

9. What if we do not have internet at home, will my student still be able to work on the Chromebook?

The devices utilize cloud-based storage through Google Drive. Students have been educated and are aware of how to utilize their Drive for document storage and management. Students can utilize an “offline” mode with their devices. This gives users the ability to open and start a document while on the network and continue to edit the document once the connection is deactivated.

Your household may also be eligible for reduced rate internet options. You can find more information about this by reviewing these two resources.

Home Internet Options Resource 1 | Home Internet Options Resource 2

10. Will my student be able to access anything on the internet when at home?

All devices have content filtering installed which will apply outside of school as well. For example, if a student cannot access a social media site like Facebook at school, they will not be able to access it at home either. MCCSC and Five Star Technologies personnel have the authority to run access reports for every device.

Further Questions? Contact the building administration and/or the Five Star Technology Team

Five Star Technology Team