Becoming a Digital Parent

Below is a series of suggestions drawn from a wide variety of professional sources that may aid you as a parent in effectively guiding your child's use of the school issued device, as well as any personal digital devices.

EXTRA STEPS FOR PROTECTION: Encourage your child to use and store their device in an open area of your home, such as the kitchen or family room, so you can monitor what your child is doing online. Use the internet with your child to help develop safe surfing habits. Children often model adult behavior.

GO WHERE YOUR CHILD GOES ONLINE: Monitor the places that your child visits. Let your child know that you're there, and help teach appropriate actions as they work and socialize online.

REPORT UNWELCOME/MALICIOUS ONLINE THREATS: In a timely fashion, report to the school any online interactions that can be considered threatening.

HELP DEVELOP A ROUTINE: Many parents have found success by helping create a routine for their child's computer use. Define a routine as to how the devices is cared for and when and where its use is appropriate.

READ THE P&Ps WITH YOUR CHILD: By reading and discussing the policies and procedures documentation, you can create a clear set of expectations and limitations for your child.

Below is a list of references which provides further information for safe Internet use.