The Foucault Circle is a regular gathering of scholars and educators who share a commitment to the articulation, critical evaluation, development, and use of the thought and work of Michel Foucault (French philosopher, historian, and activist, 1926-1984). We come together in a friendly and informal atmosphere to exchange ideas and projects, and also to encourage the creative appropriation of Foucauldian themes and ideas.

As this is a young organization, we have not tried to be too ambitious in our projects, but we are open to growth and possibilities for expanding our activities. If you are interested in participating in Foucault Circle meetings or other activities, please plan on attending our annual gathering (regardless of whether you are presenting a paper) or contacting someone listed on this page directly to discuss how you'd like to be involved.

The Call for Papers for the 2020 Meeting in Copenhagen is now available!

The Abstract Submission Deadline is December 16, 2019, and the 20th Annual Meeting will be hosted by the Copenhagen Business School June 25-29, 2020.

The complete call for papers can be found here.