2019 Meeting

19th Annual Meeting of the Foucault Circle

Stonehill College

North Easton, MA

April 5-7, 2019

Friday, April 5th


Session 1: Confessions of the Flesh & A Preface to Transgression

Wencheng Zhu, Southeast University

Confession or Sign of Subjectivation?: Libido in Foucault’s Les Aveux de la Chair

Daniel Schultz, Oberlin College

Sex as the Seismograph of Subjectivity: Foucault’s Christian Archive

Charles Clements, Tufts University

Where There’s a Will There’s No Gay: Futurity and Nonknowledge in Foucault’s Reading of Bataille

Saturday, April 6th


Session 2: Archeology, History, and the Rational

Alex J. Feldman, Penn State University

The Real and the Rational in Foucault’s 1978 Debate with the Historians

Robert Leib, Florida Atlantic University

From a Priori History to Paradigmatic Ontology: Reconsidering Philosophical Archaeology from Kant to Agamben


Session 3: Genealogy and Subjugated Knowledges

Rebecca Longtin, SUNY, New Paltz

Formations and Transformations of the Sensible in Foucault, Rancière, and Wynter

Taryn Jordan, Emory University & Haylee Harrell, Emory University

"Black Foucault": A Discussion of Genealogy as a Real Problem and a Real Possibility in Black Studies

Rosa Acevedo, University of Oregon

Limits and Paradoxes of Foucault’s Genealogy of Marginalized Lives

12:45-2pm: Lunch


Session 4: Abolition and Incarceration

Joy James, Williams College

The Architects of Contemporary Abolitionism: George Jackson, Angela Davis, and Michel Foucault

Selin Islekel, Loyola Marymount University

Life Without Parole, Death By Incarceration: Biopolitical Aesthetics of the Penitentiary

Joel Michael Reynolds, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Ontological Incarceration: Toward a Genealogy of the Human Genome Project


Round-table Discussion: Foucault and Christianity

James Bernauer, Boston College | Jared Highlen, Boston College| Steven Ogden, Charles Sturt University

5:45-6:30: Business Meeting

7pm: Dinner

Sunday, April 7th


Session 5: Animality, Religiosity, and Spectral Dreams

Dayne Alexander, Emory University

Animality, Logic and Murmur: Spiraling with the Animal in Michel Foucault’s History of Madness.

Adrian Switzer, Colby College

Aestheticized Transcendence, Archaeological Unreason: The Religiosity of History of Madness

Nicole Ridgway, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Spectral Dreams, Fugitive Pleasures: Art as an Ethical Event of Thought


Session 6: Illegalisms and Dispositifs

Delio Vasquez, University of California, Santa Cruz

Foucault on Political Crime: Towards a Unified Theory of Illegalisms

Ricky Crano, Tufts University

Can There Be a Digital Dispositif?: Visuality and Discourse in the Age of Telematic Culture

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