Brianne Kennedy-Brooks--York English Department

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Schedule 2019-20

Need extra help?

Students who are seeking additional help are encouraged to access the following resources:

1. Sign up to meet with me during a free period and/or before or after school. Talk with me after class or send me an email with your free days/periods and I will add you to my schedule. During this time, students are welcome to ask questions, get personalized feedback on writing, get assistance with planning for assignments, revise work for better understanding, revise work for a higher grade, etc. Students should bring all necessary materials to the conference to best utilize time.

2. Visit the Learning Commons to work with an English teacher during any period of the day. While drop-ins are absolutely welcome, to best utilize this resource, please email me in advance with the day/time you are planning on visiting the writing center as well as what you want to work on, so I can give the teacher-on-staff a heads up on appropriate goals for the conference.

Want a Letter of Recommendation?

I am happy to write letters of recommendation for college applications and scholarship opportunities.

If you would like me to write you a letter of recommendation, please do the following:

1. Open up this document

2. Make a copy

3. Fill out the form as requested

4. Share it with me on google docs OR print out a copy and deliver to me.

Requests must be submitted AT LEAST two weeks before the deadline.

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