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Weekly Update
August 13 - August 17
Campus Clean Up Day
Thank you to the Foundation for organizing a campus clean-up day with a lot of our students and parents.  We had about 35 people work all Saturday morning.  They made a huge difference in the appearance of the stadium.  Another one will be planned for September.  
Lunch Bunch
If you haven't had a chance to visit the lunch bunch outside of C-1 you should one day.  A special group of students and their aids have lunch over there every day.  Over the weekend John and his team put in a picnic table for them.  They finally have an appropriate place to eat now. 
Master Schedule Balancing
As everyone knows we had the master schedule balanced and in compliance by the first day of school this year.  However, as students have dropped classes the balance has been repeatedly upset. 
Our counselors are great at not adding students to any class that would put it out of balance.  But we cannot anticipate students dropping classes.  The Counselors did a great job of putting everything back in balance by Friday, short two courses.  Our counselors are going to work today on the puzzle and try and get this resolved as soon as possible. 

Challenge Success Resumes
Our School Challenge Success Team held their first meeting of the year last Thursday.  And our sub-committees will start to meet again very soon.  While our sub-committees get underway our school team will be heading to a Challenge Success training in a month at Stanford to help take the next step in our journey. 

August 6 - Aug 10
School Size
At the end of week one, we are in a good place with our enrollment numbers.  We have every new student enrolled and all of our no-shows dropped.  As of Friday, our student enrollment is 2465.  Last year at the end of week 1 our enrollment was 2454.  This puts us only 11 students ahead of where we were last year.  And last year we had 443 sections of instruction and this year we have 446.  So we are in good shape. 

I am happy to say that we are starting our year completely staffed.  We don't have any unfilled positions at this time.  It feels good to be starting the year without temporary positions or positions that we could not fill.

Music Booster Embezzlement Parent Meeting
Many of us saw that an Oak Ridge parent was arrested last Friday for the embezzlement of almost $50,000 from the Oak Ridge Music Boosters.  So now I can state publicly that the Music Booster Treasurer Gloria Rodrigues has been charged with the crime.  As we work to recover from this tragedy we are focusing our energy on her two children here at Oak Ridge.  We want to make sure they suffer no ill will from this.  All of their teachers have been notified about the situation.

We also met with all of the concerned Music Booster parents Thursday night.  The parents were obviously frustrated and upset about losing the money they had earned last year.  Part of my message was sympathizing with them, but making it clear that the booster group is not a part of the school and we do not manage the group or their funds.  They had also requested that the money Ms. Rodriguez paid for graduation seats be returned to the Music Boosters.  I shared with them that the school does not sell any seats at graduation.  We provide booster groups with graduation seats that they can auction.  Unfortunately, Ms. Rodrigues had purchased her graduation seats from the booster group.  We did work with them around costs the school and district might be able to pick up one-time to help with this difficult time.  I will share more as this story continues to develop.

Facilities Update
I wanted to take a minute and share all of our facility updates in one place.  As I believe everyone knows, our new turf was successfully installed over the summer.   We will delay the repair of our track until winter break because the vendor doing the work overbooked themselves.  Our new portal PL-4 on the blacktop behind the locker rooms was completed by Monday but without any technology.  With every day the room gets closer to being done.  Our cafeteria has a new walk-in freezer room added to increase our cold storage capability. And our new culinary classroom being built on the blacktop will be ready for the start of the second semester.  

July 30 - Aug 3
PLC Leadership Training
This year our PLC leaders will continue the PLC development work they started with ASCD PLC expert and author Alisa Simeral.  This Tuesday they will have their first training of 2018-19 with Alisa.  Alisa is helping us make School Goal 4 a reality by ensuring that our PLC focus on student data in order to increase student achievement. 

New Teachers
Our new teachers will be meeting with the district Monday morning.  Monday afternoon they will be meeting with Don and myself to bring them onboard. Our new teachers always talk about how incredibly accommodating and willing to share our staff is.  I can't wait to bring these new teachers on board and show them the Oak Ridge way.

ATI Training
On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have ATI training on our campus.  Previous to this summer we have trained 23 teachers in ATI's formative assessment strategies and mastery teaching philosophy.  This summer we have 40 teachers signed up to attend this weeks training.  I am blown away by the teacher commitment to ATI.  By the first day of school, we will have 63 out of our 101 teachers successfully trained in ATI and thus getting us closer to achieving school goal one.  Below is some fun we had after last years ATI training.

Welcome Back
The administrative team looks forward to welcoming everyone back this week.  It will be good to break bread and hear about everyone's summer at the district welcome back breakfast here at Oak Ridge on Thursday.  It will also be most people's first chance to see our new Superintendent, Dr. Ron Carruth in action.  Then after lunch, we have a nice welcome back planned for everyone in the MPR at 1:00.  Friday will be a teacher workday and we will provide lunch for everyone in the MPR at noon.  

Model Trojan Awards

Cathy Kauffman

Be Real / Care for Others / Compassion/Empathy

Cathy did not want to be recognized in a meeting.  But I still felt it appropriate to recognize her publicly in this format.

Parent Letter:

My daughter, Lindsay, became ill at the end of her junior year with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) and Papilledema. In short, the increased spinal fluid around her spine, optical nerves, and brain caused Lindsay to be put on Home and Hospital.

 Struggling to heal from her conditions and complete all of her classes by the end of the school year proved to be impossible. Lindsay finished all of her classes with the exception of chemistry.

 Both Lindsay and I reached out to her chemistry teacher, Cathy Kauffman. I expressed my concern that when Lindsay applies for colleges in November that an incomplete may affect her acceptance. Cathy immediately eased Lindsay's and my worries. When Cathy volunteered to come to our home during her summer and work with Lindsay, I was shocked since most teachers would probably never do this. Sure enough, she came multiple times!

THANKS to Cathy, Lindsay completed chemistry and her junior year successfully!!! We are so overwhelmingly appreciative for the dedication, kindness, commitment, and compassion that Cathy has shown to our daughter. It truly touched our hearts that Cathy would take time out of her own well-deserved vacation to help my daughter.

My daughter is super lucky to have had Cathy as her junior year chemistry teacher. Cathy truly cares about her students and went the extra mile to help my daughter through a very difficult time and that means the world to us. Oak Ridge is so fortunate to have such a terrific teacher who, out of the goodness of her heart, goes above and beyond and makes a true difference and positive impact on her students' lives.

I hope you and your staff will recognize what an amazing teacher Cathy Kauffman is and give her kudos that she so rightfully deserves!

Denise Bonal

Care for Others / Team Work/ Collaboration / Working Together

Denise took the ball and ran with a big job that needed to be completed right before school started (student information for Lifetouch.) She cared for me in a big way, I was overwhelmed and saw there was no way I could get the task at hand completed that day. She looked at me with confidence, and said "I've got this! don't worry!"  -Marty Wagner

 Alison Lishman

Care for Others / Teamwork / Respect / Being Together / Working Together

Alison came in on a Saturday to put together the furniture for C-4 to make sure our Special Education Department had a beautiful space ready for them the first day of school. It showed the paraprofessionals that we value them and care about making their workspace comfortable and functional. Alison gave up her personal time to make this happen and I, as the admin who oversees Special Education, really appreciated her going the extra mile to make this happen before school started. – Kim Doyle

 Dann Lealos

Be Real / Care for Others / Integrity/Authenticity / Respect / Compassion/Empathy / Being Together

Dann was picking weeds in the upper parking lot before school one morning. Something I have been meaning to do, but his actions speaks louder than my intentions.  We teachers lead by example. Doing kind things for the sake of kindness shows our students what being real and caring for others (and our environment) mean. Thank you, Dann, for inspiring me personally today. – Anonymous 

Dave White
I want to recognize David White for all his work with Link Crew this summer.  Their work culminated with one of the best Freshmen Orientations I have ever seen.  It was clear that a tremendous amount of time and deep consideration went into planning the event.  I want to honor Dave for going above and beyond for our freshmen class. He was determined to give them an amazing introduction to Oak Ridge.  I want to honor him for his care, teamwork and willingness to be real with his Link Crew team.  

Denise Root
Denise was honored by the El Dorado Hills Rotary as the Oak Ridge Teacher of the Year.  Denise was recognized for her incredible commitment to her students and the passion she brings every day.  There is no one that cares more deeply about their students than Denise.  Beyond that, she spends countless hours dedicated to her department.  Student achievement among special education students increase last year and Denise is a big part of the reason why.