Travel Release

When we bus to away meets, CMS is responsible for getting your child there and back to CMS safely after the meet.  There are only 2 ways that your child doesn't ride the bus back.
The athlete's parent or legal guardian attends the meet and signs the Travel Release Form found on a clipboard at the meet.  This is usually near the coaches gear, or hanging on a fence.  The parent or guardian MUST be the one to sign the form, not the athlete.  If you wish to sign the release form, and get that to Coach Malone you may also do that. 
If you wish for another parent to bring your child home from an away meet, YOU and the OTHER PARENT must print, fill out this form and get it to Coach Malone at the meet.  We cannot accept phone calls or emails, this form must be signed.

Andrew Malone,
Feb 1, 2016, 10:44 AM