Staff Directory

Below is a listing of faculty and staff members by department.

To contact a staff member by phone, please call the main office at (203) 468-3254.

EHHS Administration

Vincent DeNuzzo  (Principal)

Susan Harkins   (Assistant Principal)

Mark Hughes  (Dean of Students)


Art Department

Tiffany Choi

Sara Cooper

Matthew Stevens


Business Department

Marianne Adinolfi

English Department

Christine Bauer

Ashley Bogart

Leann Boisvert

Emilia Caturano

Douglas Gardner

Lisa Gardner

Elizabeth Grabski

Michael Hickey

Sara Kelsey

Haley Lutar

Danielle Proto

Themis Valsamis

Lisa Veleas  (Instructional Leader)


Family and Consumer Science Department

Deborah Bigelow

Daniel Trzcinski

Guidance Counselors

Gretchen Coup /  Christine Mulqueen

Dina DeRosa

Michelle Madonna

Renee Seufert


Librarian/Media Specialist

Juliet Goraieb 

Math Department

John Ardito

Jennifer Bauer  (Instructional Leader)

Robert Belevich

Michael Clorite

Elizabeth Criscuolo

Danielle Jessey

Jennifer Howlett

Michele Lender

Louis Rivellini

Erika Williams


Music Department

Matthew Laudano

Elisabeth Stevens


PE / Health Department

Susan D'Amico

Martin Dunne

Alexis Nacca

Rick Narracci

Anthony Verderame (Athletic Director)


Stephanie Borowy

Science Department

Shana Barnett

Ellen Blanker

Michael Cassone

Rabecca Florio

Li Martin (Health Science & CNA)

David Oshana

Maria Pompano   (Instructional Leader)

Anthony Russell

Gayle Tracey

Cynthia Wintjen  


Social Studies Department

Anne Bodurtha

Kerri Cannavaro

Adam Gardner

Jamie Gaudioso

Peter Hearty

Ray Johnson

Joe Marangell   (Instructional Leader)

Mark Tolla

Anthony Vaspasiano

Lindsay Wright

Social Worker

Marissa Brown  

Ben O'Meara

Jessica Gaudioso (SED Program)

Special Education

Molly Fagnani

Jessica Foster

Kathleen Gavigan

Samantha Iannotti  (SED Program)

Vickie Jones

Randie Kahan

Lisa LaPenna-Polvan

Alex Larson

Fred Parcesepe

Ava Sorensen


Speech Pathologists

Kristina Serio


Technology Education Department

Michael Iavarone

Jason Miles


World Language

Diane Conradi

Carla DeStefanis

Rosa Dominguez

Carla Marsico

Luisa Spadacenta


Administrative Assistants

Meghan Fitzsimmons (Main Office)

Kathy Conner  (Guidance) 

Barbara Loesche  (Principal’s Administrative Assistant)