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Historical Fashion Classes in Canberra, Australia

Our facility is a private and self-contained environment in Yarralumla. Some of the Workshops offered in the past have been Elizabethan, 18th century and Regency stays, Victorian corsets, Elizabethan gowns, 1780s gowns, regency gowns, victorian bustle gowns, regency tailcoats, bonnets and chemises from all eras. As always, your continued patronage and support have allowed us to bring you these workshops. Visit our Upcoming Events page to find an event to wear your new outfit. To read more about your teacher, see About Aylwen. Aylwen is registered for working with vulnerable people in the ACT, Reg. 0000035652. If you have any questions please phone Aylwen on 62811098 or 0409817623 or email aylwen@earthlydelights.com.au 

Below are ticket forms for Men's and Women's Regency Costume Construction on Tuesday and/or Thursday nights and an Elizabethan or Georgian set of stays on the Queen's Birthday long weekend in June 2015.


Elizabethan or Georgian Stays (Corset) - Queen's Birthday 3-day long weekend

Interstate/International Classes: Aylwen Gardiner-Garden is happy to travel and teach private or group lessons for the cost of transport and accommodation.

Please make sure all fabrics are pre-washed and ironed before the class and that you know how to use your sewing machine. 

Jane Austen Historic Fashion Sewing Classes 
starting January 2015

Classes on Request


Shakespeare Festival Sewing Workshops
5-8 June 2015, All Saints Ainslie, Canberra

We will be offering some renaissance sewing workshops during the weekend alongside the dance workshops. All workshops will assume that you have done some sewing before and know how to do basic hand stitching and threading of needles.  

1.  Make a "Tudor Flat Hat"  
Kit supplied: black cotton velvet, lining, pattern and handout. 
Participants need to bring black thread, paper & fabric scissors, pins, needles, plus any other sewing equipment as desired. Optional sewing machine - hat can be hand sewn or by machine, with some hand sewing. (Note: these hats are worm mostly by men, though there are a few examples of women wearing them.) 
Time: Saturday 2:00-4:30
Cost $35

2. "Blackwork Embroidery: an embroidered favour" 
Kit supplied: fabric, thread, patterns in handout. 
Participants need to bring embroidery scissors, optional embroidery frame.
Time: Sunday 2:30-5:00
Cost $35

3. "Goldwork Embroidered Sweet Bag" using a couching technique.
Kit supplied: fabric, frame, thread, needle and pattern.
Participants need to bring embroidery scissors, optional embroidery frame.
Time: Monday 9:30-12:00
Cost tba

Class registration necessary by email to aylwen@earthlydelights.com.au by the 2 May 2015.

Class sewing machines