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STOP PRESS: The 11 books in the Historic Dance series are no longer available as we would much prefer you to wait and purchase the new corrected, revised and expanded edition that will be coming out in a new 31 book format in  March 2017 (sorry for pushing back anticipated release date by a couple of months from what I was hoping a year ago). In late February 2017 we will post more information on the grand new work and how you can purchase it at a pre-release price and be thanked for your support in my preface, ahead of printing and delivery (sorry for delay of a couple of months). We will be looking for 30 subscribers to thank and equip with what will amount to a library!  Please feel free to email us an interest in being notified when subscriptions are open. 
N.B. The books below that are not in the Volume I to Volume X series remain available.

On the pages under this banner I offer content and purchase information on 15 resources that I, Dr John Gardiner-Garden, have produced to help people better understand and enjoy our wonderful dance and dance music heritage. Click on any picture below and you'll be taken to a page describing that work and its content and giving options for purchase.

[This is the series no longer available- see note above:] Under Historic Dance I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X you can glimpse the covers and contents of the February 2015 edition of my 10 volume 7,300 page magnum opus on social dance from 1450 to 1900. In each volume I consider the social, political and geographic context in which dance was evolving and the continuities and changes in the institution of the ball, I explore the nature and evolution of the period’s main types of dance, I offer indepth studies of ‘Style’, ‘Etiquette’, ‘Honours’, ‘Holds’, ‘Formations’, ‘Figures’ and ‘Steps’, I offer my reconstructions of and music for dozens of dances (nearly 1,000 dances across all volumes), I discuss developments in dance teaching, notation and publication, and I offer an annotated bibliography of relevant primary sources. Throughout the emphasis is on original sources and discussion is built around hundreds of included facsimiles, transcriptions, translations and illustrations. Order any volumes but, because of the nature of the subject, breadth of the sources explored and the linkages across volumes, I encourage you to order not just the volumes you first think of but the volumes that are either side of them as well. Indeed, if you are at all interested in historic dance I’d encourage you to get the full set. You can buy volumes individually from Lulu for $85 plus postage, or email us an order for 10 or more volumes (e.g. the whole set) and get 20% off listed price and FREE postage.

Under Historic Dance Companion you will find a compendium of essential music and summary dance instructions from all 10 of the above volumes (i.e. for nearly 1,000 dances) but it is not intended as a stand alone work, rather as a handy on-stage or on-floor tool for musicians and callers who have access to the main volumes for fuller notes and explanations. You can buy this volume individually from Lulu for $85 plus postage, or email us an order for it and the whole 10 volume set and get 20% off listed price and FREE postage.

Under Lost Dances of Earthly Delights Volume 1 and Volume 2 you can discover the books and full-band CD sets (the result of a 6 year project) that will open up to you the wonderful music and dance world of the Bordonians. To order these famous (for those who know them!) works you have to email us- price for 1 book and its 4 included CDs is AUS$85 plus postage, and for 2 books and their 8 CDs AUS$130 plus postage.

Under The Christmas Carol Dance Book you can find out about a work which is a must for anyone who wants to bring song and dance together in the festive season. You can buy this volume in hard copy or e-book form from Lulu or, for AUS$25, add it to a larger order direct from us by emailing us.

Under Odd Delights, you will find a small just released book of newly devised or discovered dances which you can buy for AUS$25 from Lulu or, for AUS$20, add to a larger order direct from us by emailing us.

Under Early works you can learn of my now out-of-print (and unorderable) early dance brochures and books and my first award-winning book & 2CD set.
Historic Dance 1450-1550
Volume I: 1450-1550
Historic Dance 1550-1600
Volume II: 1550-1600
Historic Dance 1600-1650
Volume III: 1600-1650
Historic Dance 1650-1700
Volume IV: 1650-1700
Historic Dance 1700-1750
Volume V: 1700-1750
Historic Dance 1750-1800
Volume VI: 1750-1800
Historic Dance 1800-1825
Volume VII: 1800-1825
Historic Dance 1825-1850
Volume VIII: 1825-1850
Historic Dance 1850-1875
Volume IX: 1850-1875
Historic Dance 1875-1900
Volume X: 1875-1900
 Historic Dance: Companion
The Companion

 Lost Dances Vol.1 & 4CDs - Pleasures for Four Seasons
LD-Volume 1 with 4 CDs
Lost Dances Vol.2 & 4CDs - Favourites for Four Settings 
LD-Volume 2 with 4 CDs
 Christmas Carol Dance Book
Christmas Carol Dance Book 
Odd Delights
Odd Delights

To end this page on a high note, here is a link to a wonderful animated movie made by film-maker Nick Hilligoss and featuring some music composed by John Gardiner-Garden and performed by Earthly Delights (from our Lost Dances of Earthly Delights- Pleasures for Four Seasons). Fool or Creator? An animator needs to be both. On a desert planet, a medieval jester unfolds his portable stage and compels his puppets to perform an old story of transformation.
A slightly different angle on the myth of Adam and Eve


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