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Odd Delights

This is a collection of a dozen and a half  dances which  I (John Gardiner-Garden)  composed in between other projects in response to requests, challenges, needs and whim. The dance descriptions are not to be found in any of the Lost Dances or Historic Dance volumes.
The form in which they are presented is pretty well the form in which the notes were first written, but by releasing them in this unglossed form I have at least the peace of mind of having the material available for people to use. For on-line acces to the core of the dance descriptions see my web-pages on 'Original Dances'.

The Bordonian National Polka (1)

The Bordonian National Polka (2)

Emma's Song

The Hambo Sandwich

Knot à Trois

The Lacework Mazurka

Lobster Quadrille

Parlour Games

Pastance in Good Company

Courtship in Good Company

Friendship in Good Company

All in Good Company

The Rewind Waltz

Rough Seas

The Russian Gypsy Queen

Tempest through a Looking Glass

The Wind-up Galop

World’s End

The Zig-Zag Mazurka