Welcome Parents and Students to Mr. Badger's Online Learning / Help Main page

Students -  I have put below a list of how to videos by program. I will be adding more how to videos throughout the year

Parents - On this page you will see links to various programs that have several videos to help you with your child/ren remote learning. If you scroll down there is a "Contact me" link where you can fill out a form with any tech problems or things  you are struggling with when helping your child with his or her remote learning. (You have an option to request a "LIVE CHAT" with Mr. Badger

"How to" Videos by Programs

New Google Slides Record feature

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If you would like to make a copy of your School Google drive and/ or Gmail account,
Click the Google Takeout link below

For any technology struggles or issues, you can fill out this form to get help from Mr. Badger . Within the form, you can request a "Live Online TECH TIME" with Mr. Badger yo help you and/or Child with your technology needs.