In the Vocal Music Department, our goal is college admission for any student who wants to major in music, and to produce lifelong arts consumers and advocates.

We believe in producing students who are musically informed, but who also have some understanding of the broader world. We aim to do this through: exposure, mutual respect among all students and faculty, creating a community, department, and ensembles that demonstrate and value kindness, community, discovery, collaboration, teamwork, and leadership, and advocates for the arts within each individual students’ unique path.

Students in the Vocal Music Department will pursue their studies using a scientific and holistic approach to singing accompanied with solo study, ensemble work, music theory, sight singing, aural skills, and piano. Study within these subjects will guide students to achieve success in a diverse offering of music related study.

We believe in the study and importance of multi-genre/cultural music for our students, to best inform a rapidly diverse and developing music industry. We believe in introducing multiple musical genres and multicultural repertoire to bridge the gap between all areas of musical study.

Guided by our professionally trained choral staff and guest artists, students are provided a vocal education of individualized instruction and ensemble experience, to foster and encourage healthy vocal technique and vocal flexibility. Additionally, this informed instruction provides an exposure to all genres beyond the student’s intended area of musical interest.

The DSA Vocal Music Department utilizes a traditional curriculum of classical music, including art songs and arias in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and other languages. With the study of repertoire in these languages, student singers acquire the ability to translate and understand texts of all languages. As students experience musical growth, their demands on vocal literature will grow significantly and require deeper comprehension and study.