Doggie Harmony is officially recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization – your donations are tax deductible.

You can donate via to or
check/mail to Doggie Harmony, PO Box 3008, Decatur, GA 30031
  • Please include a memo with your donation to direct it to a particular dog we've circulated on e-mail.
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You will receive a thank you email/note that will also serve as your donation receipt for tax purposes.

Northeast Partner Program & Special Projects

Over the last few years, huge focus has gone to building partners in regions of the U.S. and Canada that are do not face the gross pet over-population crisis we have in the South. We have a small list of regular partners that we send homeless dogs to, as often as weekly. It's enabled ups to save 100s of dogs that would otherwise have been put to sleep at animal control due to lack of space. If you would specifically like to donate to this program, please do so via to

Your donations to this program allow us to pull the dog from animal control, bring it up to speed on spay/neuter, vaccinations and tests -- and treat the dogs for heartworm and other ailments. Additionally, it allows us to pay for their transport to our Northeast partners. Each dog we send can cost anywhere from $200-500+ depending on what treatments a dog may need.

Georgia Shelters we frequently work with include Cobb County Animal Control (Marietta), Hall County Animal Control (Gainesville), Sumter Humane Society (Americus), Flint Humane Society (Vienna). We are occasionally able to help Dekalb (Decatur), Fulton (Atlanta) and Gwinnett (Lawerenceville) County Animal Control in instances where fosters are available.

In addition to this program, we are typically working on some sort of special project to help a community member in a time of crisis.

View our Current Projects to see how we're putting your donations to work, or to get an update on pups you've donated to.

Typical Rescue Expenses

Due to Georgia’s pet over-population crisis, approximately 60% of animals that enter the shelter die there
.1 Doggie Harmony’s charter is to prevent animals from going to animal control. When we take dogs into our program, or extend our help to other rescuers in need, we plan for these basic life-saving costs, as well as any additional that may be necessary.


  • Routine Exam - $30
  • Heartworm/Fecal Tests and Vaccinations - $75-100
  • Heartworm and Flea Prevention - $15-20/month ($180-240/year)
  • Food, Grooming, etc. - $35-50/month ($420-600/year)

Minimal annual cost for basic dog care with rescue discounts - $700+

  • Spay/Neuter - $35-80*
  • Microchip - $25+
  • Leash/Collar/ID Tag - $25+
  • Heartworm treatment -$300-600*
  • Basic Boarding (Feed & Potty Only) - $500/quarter
  • Basic Training - $100-150
  • Boarding w/ Exercise or Training - $400-600/month
  • Out-of-State Transport - $100-200
  • Health Certificate and Travel Vetting - $75
*Average; varies by dog's weight and vet location

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