Dipartimento di Ingegneria Informatica, Automatica e Gestionale (DIAG) "A. Ruberti"

Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza

Room A223

Via Ariosto, 25

00185 Rome (Italy)

Mattia Mattioni received his Bachelor Degree (Laurea) and Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) in Control Engineering from La Sapienza, Università di Roma (Italy), both Magna cum Laude. In 2015, he received the double degree for the Master de Recherche en Automatique, Traitement du Signal et des Images (M2R ATSI) through the bilateral agreement STIC&A with Université Paris-Sud. He received the PhD in System and Control Theory in 2018 from La Sapienza, Università di Roma (Italy) and Université Paris-Sud (France) through a joint program with DIAG "A. Ruberti" (La Sapienza, Università di Roma) under the supervision of Salvatore Monaco and Dorothée Normand-Cyrot. In 2019, he was recipient of the Premio SIDRA "Miglior Tesi di Dottorato 2019” for the best Italian PhD Thesis in Automatica. In 2019, he was also finalist for the Prix des meilleures thèses du GDR MACS et de la Section Automatique du Club EEA for the best PhD Thesis developed in a French University. From October 2018 to August 2020, he was a post-doctoral fellow (assegnista di ricerca) at DIAG "A. Ruberti" (La Sapienza, Università di Roma). Since September 2020 he has been Assistant Professor at DIAG "A. Ruberti" (La Sapienza, Università di Roma). His research is mainly concerned with hybrid systems, networked systems and nonlinear systems under sampling and time-delays.

My Scopus ID: 57045864900

My ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9407-7521