2nd Workshop on Philosophy, Logic and Analytical Metaphysics 
Dates: Sep 2-4, 2015
Photo by João Marcos & Carolina Blasio

The second edition of the FILOMENA Workshop (FIlosofia, LOgica e MEtafísica aNAlítica), promoted by the Group on Logic and Formal Philosophy from the UFRN, has the purpose of gathering logicians working at the intersection of Logic and Metaphysics, through the application of formal methods in Philosophy. Logic, while initially considered as a branch of Philosophy, has outgrown its original purposes and found connections with other areas of Philosophy, such as Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Mind. Since its modern development, Logic has proved to be a powerful tool for analyzing different philosophical theories, as well as their foundations and implications; moreover, the birth and development of non-classical logics has expanded its domain of application much beyond the dreams of its progenitors. 

Topics of interest
for our Workshop include, but are not limited  to:

  • Modal metaphysics
  • Reference and descriptions
  • Philosophical topics in non-classical logics
  • Truth-values
  • Logical consequence
  • Logical pluralism x logical monism
  • Logic and metaphysical neutrality
  • Paradoxes
The first edition of FILOMENA, held at UFRN in September 2014, counted with 15 contributed talks and a round-table on “The philosophy of contradictions”, with the following participants: Hitoshi Omori (CUNY), Peter Verdée (KU-Leuven), Marcos Silva (UFC), Chair: João Marcos (UFRN).

This year our workshop will follow the same structure of the previous one. Each contributed talk is to have the duration of 25 minutes, divided into 20 minutes for exposition followed by 5 minutes of discussion. The abstracts may be written in English or Portuguese, but not both. Abstracts should have a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1000 words, and should be submitted in a PDF file including relevant information about the authors (name, e-mail address, and scientific affiliation).  Submissions and inquiries must be sent to the email by  April 12  (deadline extension: April 26), and the authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by May 10. Accepted contributions will be invited for publication in a special edition of Revista Saberes.

Be sure to check the full detailed programme of NAT@Logic 2015 here!