Welcome to Mr. Saldivar's 2nd Grade Classroom Webpage

We are "Super Saldivar's SuperHeroEs"

George Washington Charter Elementary

Dear Parents,

        My name is Mr. Saldivar and I am excited to be your child's teacher this year. 

 This is my ninth year teaching at Washington Charter.  I feel very fortunate to have the

ability to work with the best school staff, the most supportive families, and exceptional 

students.  Second grade is going to be an amazing year for your child.  Our classroom 

theme is Superheroes.  I believe that every child has a superhero talent that is waiting 

to be shared!  

        As an educator, I will do the best possible I can to create a fun and 

safe learning environment for all my students.  We will learn to be a good citizen and 

lifelong learner who knows and understands how to navigate the ever-changing 


        We will use appropriate technology every day in the classroom.  Students will 

develop problem-solving skills by learning how to troubleshoot as need arises.  This 

year your child will do many new things. For example, we will work with others to 

explore new things, listen to and follow directions, become good citizens of character, 

become independent in learning and to develop good decision-making skills. Daily 

practice of all these things will provide your child with all of the necessary 

components for a highly successful school year.    

        To support each child, I will work to ensure that the parent teacher relationship is 

established.  I will communicate with you in various ways about your child's 

progress and success.  I am eager to get to know each and everyone of you.