The Program

The BRIDGES After School Program provides homework support and enrichment activities. It is a bridge between school and home.

The components of the program are designed to:

  • Provide a helpful environment for homework completion and assistance

  • Improve achievement in Core and Elective Classes

  • Provide students with enrichment activities facilitated by positive role models

Bridges is an homework support program, not babysitting. We expect parents and students to have that philosophy when attending the program. Bridges does not absolve you from your parent responsibilities towards academics. We encourage you to open communication with our tutors and your student's teachers for assignment completion and correctness.

Please review the Parent Handbook and the informational slideshow available on the Documents page before applying.

If you need after-school help immediately or simply require supervision for your student in the half-hour after the final bell, we strongly encourage you to also check the on- and off-campus resources listed below.

We always encourage parents to explore other options for their after-school tutoring/care. We always have more interest than the availability of space. We are hoping that you consider local options in Palm Desert, please consult with these other options for accurate information/availability. The services below are simply to help you start off your search, and are not affiliated with the Bridges After School Program.

Campus Resources

PDCMS Library - 2:37 pm (Wed.1:45 pm) - 3:15 pm

Panther Plus - Teacher run, after school every day until 4 PM

Off Campus Resources

Desert Recreation Center - Palm Desert Community Center

After School Hangout Youth Center - Family YMCA of the Desert