The Program

The BRIDGES After School Program provides enrichment activities and homework support. It is a bridge between school and home.

The components of the program are designed to:

There is no cost to participate in Bridges or Bridges Plus.

Students who stay on campus for Bridges are required to sign into one of the enrichment options. Knowing who is on campus, and where they can be found is a critical part of maintaining a safe school. Students sign into their enrichment using Flex Time Manager, which can be found through their Class Link. Enrichment options can be viewed under Schedule

All students must be checked out by their parent or guardian at the front office if picked up before 3:45. Pickup ends at 4:15 PM. An optional snack is available from 3:45 PM to 4:00 PM in the cafeteria area. More details can be found under Hours of Operation/Pickup Info.

Bridges Plus begins after Bridges and requires students to stay until 5 PM. Students will receive homework and assignment help from tutors in a study hall environment. Spots are limited and will be decided by lottery.

Bridges Plus is an homework support program, not childcare. We expect parents and students to have that philosophy when attending the program. Bridges and Bridges Plus does not absolve you from your parent responsibilities towards academics. We encourage you to open communication with your student's teachers and our tutors for assignment completion and correctness.