D-E Community Education

Community Education is a self-supporting program.

1. Refunds are given when a class is cancelled due to low enrollment OR the course requested is already full OR participant request a refund PRIOR to "Register and Pay by" date.

2. Participants requesting to withdraw from a class prior to "Register and Pay By" (or if another date is listed in class description) will be given a refund.

3. Once the "Register and Pay by" date is past, the instructors are giving numbers for planning, supplies, shirt ordered (if applicable), etc. The instructors base running the class by attendance and are planning their compensation based the registered numbers.

4. If payment has not been made by "register and pay by" date, participant/parent is still responsible for payment, even if they opt to cancel (if they cancel after the "register and pay by" date..

5. No refunds will be made for classes missed.

Welcome to Dover-Eyota, MN Community Education!!


Email Susan Keller-Schaefer at susankellerschaefer@deschools.org

Community Ed is a less than part-time position, so email is the best way to communicate.

Find a Class:

Take a look at class offerings for Adults and Youth by clicking on the tabs above.

Teach a Class:

Please consider teaching a Community Education class, contact Susan Keller-Schaefer if you are interested at susankellerschaefer@deschools.org

Community Education (CE) Weather/Other Cancellation Policy

If the school cancels; all CE practices, activities, events, and classes will be canceled for the day.

If school closes early; all CE practices, activities, events, and classes are canceled for after-school and in the evening.

CE Refund/Cancellation/Payment

Refunds/Cancellations/Payments as listed on the online registration form.

Help Save Paper and Time! Register Online!

All Community Ed registrations are done online. It helps save a significant amount of time and paper for the district.

All Community Education payments are processed in the district office.

When paying by check:

  • Make check out to D-E Schools

  • Please add the participants' name and what class payment is for to the memo area (and grade if a student)

Two Ways to Register!!

1. Register Online.

www.desch.org, click on the Community Education page, click on Registration, fill out and click on SUBMIT

Send or drop off the fee to one of the school offices by reg. and pay date. Please add a note with the participants' name (s) and class (s) with the payment. Make checks payable to "DE Schools", also please add the participant's name memo area with the CE class.

  • Payment can be dropped off at a school office (see the main page of the district website for hours) or mailed.

Send payments to

Community Education

c/o Tara Dabelstein

615 South Ave SW Eyota, MN 55934

2. In Person. Stop into one of the school offices (EL, HS/MS, District Office) to use a district computer to register.

Register and pay the fee in one of the offices.

See the main page of the district website for office hours.

Registration is not complete until the fee and registration are received, please make sure to submit by registration by the due date (find the date in the class description).

Is the class happening I signed up for?

No News is Good News:

If you did not receive an email (important to give email address with registration) about the class not canceling, then it is happening as scheduled. Enjoy the class!!

Minimum Participant Numbers not Reached:

Sometimes, classes don't reach the minimum amount of participants needed by the instructor to have the class. Community Ed will send out an email alerting you to this and will work with participants to refund or switch to a different class.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Question: How will I know if the class is happening?

Answer: No news is good news. Keep checking your email (given on the online registration) for updates. From time to time, there will be an email sent out with happenings but, do not count on it. Also, the website will be updated by the class listing if it is canceled. Participants will receive an email if the class is canceled.

    • Question: For youth classes after school, how do teachers know if my child is attending a class?

Answer: Parents need to send a note to their child's teacher letting them know about the class (date, class location, name of class, etc.).

    • Question: How do people get fees/payments to school?

Answer: See details above for how to register information. Fees/payments can be dropped off at one of the school offices or sent in the US mail.

Community Education Advisory Council Meetings

Email if you would like to attend, you will be notified of any changes to dates, location and time.

2022-23 Dates:

March 14th at 5 pm in the MSHS Media Center (prior to School Board Meeting)

July 11th at 5:15 pm in the MSHS Media Center (prior to School Board Meeting)

August 15th at 5:15 pm in the MSHS Media Center (prior to School Board Meeting)

October 10th at 5:15 pm in the MSHS Media Center (prior to School Board Meeting)